Undercover Boss

I watched the Channel 4 show, ‘Undercover Boss’ for the first time recently. For those of you that have not seen it the managing director of a large company goes undercover and works at one of their stores. It got me thinking about superintendent pharmacists and if they still practice?

What would they think if they went to work in one of their pharmacies?

Would they be happy with what they saw?

Would they be able to cope with checking more than 500 items?

Could they placate an angry Mrs Smith because she got a different colour Simvastatin tablet?

Could they quickly sort out staff disputes before they escalate?

More importantly, could they do enough MURs to keep the area manager from bullying them? If not, why not?

This is not aimed at independents or small multiples.

I remember working with my superintendent as a summer student and as a pre-reg. He still practices now at least one day a week and I think he is a better superintendent for it. He understands the issues that we have to deal with everyday.

Can the superintendent of one of the major multiples say the same?


4 thoughts on “Undercover Boss

  1. I know of a SIP who still practices in the branches of the company (small multiple independent), a think at least a day a week, and he covers Saturdays on a regular basis. So if you wanted to pick a day for awkward questions or difficult positions, Saturday would be the day!
    I think, like you describe in the Undercover Boss scenario, he uses it to see how the company policy is enacted on the “coalface”.

  2. I think that would be a good idea, to have a Superintendent go undercover. I know they have a lot of responsibility, but they could just experience and see what issues pharmacists are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, they should create programmes that involves pharmacy and even what a pharmacist typical day is like. Although it can vary day to day – some patients can see what pharmacists have to deal with. I think we should invite patients to undergo a week experience in a pharmacy ad see what a day in the pharmacy is like.

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