Monthly Archives: October 2011

Double check?

I was faced with an interesting scenario whilst locuming on Saturday. A lady came in to collect a diamorphine ampoule prescription which contained  three different strengths. It had already been made up and was in the CD cupboard. All I had to do was check for ID and hand it out.

But I did not. Something inside me made me open it to double-check and I am glad I did. I do not make a habit of opening prescriptions that have already been checked before handing them out. However, I thought that I would also be liable if it was wrong as I was the responsible pharmacist on duty.

All three strengths had been labelled ‘Use as directed’ and there was a dose stated on the prescription. So I decided to relabel it with the dosage.

Was that the right thing to do? 

Should I have even opened the bag?

I left a note for the manager.

Please let me know what you think