Inhaler use

I went to a LPF meeting on Asthma last night and really enjoyed it. What follows are some points that I either did not know, I knew but needed a gentle reminder or things that I think are interesting. It is NOT a comprehensive guide to inhaler use.

#Turbohalers are tasteless.

#One patient had 53 doses in 24 hours as they could not taste anything.

#Spiiva handihaler should be changed every 3-6 months.

#You can see the empty Spiriva capsule after use.

#The Turbohaler setting on the In-Check Dial is the same as Spiriva.

#The aerochamber plus makes a noise if you inhale too fast.

#Accuhalers have a sweet taste.

#Easyhalers have a 6 month shelf life once opened.

#Unused doses are collected in the clear window of the Easyhalers.

#Seretide Accuhalers are not licensed for COPD.

#The dose of Seretide Accuhalers should always be one puff BD.

#Always suck twice with a DPI inhaler to get all the dose. This is similar to hoovering over the same area twice.

#An Isle of Wight study showed that 94% of healthcare professionals were unable to demonstrate how to use an MDI correctly.

#At the LPF meeting 90% of pharmacists inhaled too quickly while using the In-Check Dial to mimic an MDI inhaler.

We all need to know how to use all inhalers so that we can show patients how to use them properly. If you have forgotten, then revise!


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