When do you say no?

A patient brings in a 10 item prescription with 5mins to go before closing. You have been open for 10 hours.

Do you dispense it all and stay until after closing?

Ask them to call back in the morning?

Find out what they urgently need and dispense those items and ask them to call back in the morning for the rest?

Say no and send them to a 100 hour pharmacy? They have had all day to come in….

7 thoughts on “When do you say no?

    1. Yesterday, a 7 item script came in with 3 mins left. I asked if they were all urgent and they said yes. So I did them all and we stayed until after six. Annoyed the support staff!

  1. Completely agree, it can be so annoying when that happens. Especially when its a repeat item, you can see they havent just obtained the prescription, and there is nothing urgent like an antibiotic for example on the prescription. Why?!!

  2. An antibiotic rxed that day ? Yes I’ll work on. Repeat rx issued days ago ? No. I’ve got a home to go to. In my experience it’s ALWAYS the latter and the pt will probably not go to late night Pcy until 2 mins before it closes either.

  3. ill ask how urgent the presciption is? if the patient is happy to come the next day..thats fine, ill make sure ill order everything for tomorrow morning. most of the patients, they do understand that weve been working a ten hr shift…its fine.

    If the med is urgent, im staying back, patient care 🙂

  4. I would probably ask which items are urgent and explain that I will be closing in 5 mins. But luckily it doesn’t happen often.

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