Naughty kids

This is not about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is about the many naughty children that are brought into the pharmacies across the country by their parents and run wild.

A typical scenario is a 5 year old running around screaming, pulling boxes off shelves (not bottles if we are lucky). They are also infamous for treating lipsticks as glorified crayons, as they ruin the make-up section before jumping up and down on their seats with their muddy shoes. The brats don’t like it when I wrestle the chlamydia/EHC/Erectile Dysfunction leaflets away from them whilst trying to be polite in front of their overly protective passive parents.

However some parents decide to solve this problem by keeping the child’s hands occupied with doughnuts and sausage rolls whilst running around. I wonder to myself, are the kids like this at home? Probably so.

I am by no means advising spanking marathons in the pharmacy . That would create too much paperwork for me and is ethically wrong. I am merely asking for ‘the look’.

‘The look’  was designed and patented by my mum when I was young. She deployed it whilst we were out and I misbehaved in public. ‘The look’ stopped me in my tracks. ‘The look’ meant that she was legally unable to strike me in public but if I carried on, she would have a ‘discussion’ with me at home. It always worked.

Some parents don’t seem to care at all that their kids run riot in shops. Should we teach “the look”? …my new pharmacy lifestyle advice for the mental stability of parents and pharmacists of little rascals.


9 thoughts on “Naughty kids

  1. hahaha…nice blog!! I give them pen n paper so that they can draw..n they not running like wilds in my pharmacy n messing my NRT patches! this is the best way to get the attention of the kids. Smetimes i give them stickers..Praise them for being a nice kid. It works 100%!!!!

    when i was little kid,mum was like”okay, we going out now, i want u to sit quietly n answer politely”…obviously, id do it in the beginning…being a kid i wud forget, but Dad would just look at me..i instantly knew that he meant.

    Nowadays kids are very spoilt…whether u give them the ”look” or not, its aint gonna change.

  2. I have experience on both sides. Fraught parent and frustrated pharmacist.
    Being the parent is hardest and I am going to try to reinvent the look!
    Great blog. Made me smile 🙂

  3. This blog is so funny and true! The thing that is worse than bratty kids is uninterested parents who don’t apologise for their bratty kids or control them!

  4. Do you think it would be illegal for me to confiscate the small toys used to bang on the very expensive windows on the front of my robot. Yes the robot was positioned so that customers can benefit from seeing their meds dispensed. Also by all means appreciate the machinery but don’t allow your kids to bang on it. Yes I will get angry and there is no big company paying for repairs, just me. So confiscation is a possibility or am I being to harsh.

  5. This blog brings back some memories about ‘the look’ i used to get as a child…infact i still get it. However, recently I renamed it to the ‘shut up and stop embarassing me look’!
    More to the point…tell me about it. My shop staff get soo annoyed, plus the shop always seems to get destroyed soon after they have just spent all morning sorting it out. And i find that we are the ones giving the parents ‘the look’! How does that work? Generally i get the dispensers to speed up with the culprits script to get them out of the shop ASAP!
    Only the other week a lady came in with a 5 yr old girl who was running riot in the shop (not the 1st time). She gets a handwash and rubs it all over her face n hands not to mention giving someone an excuse to claim compensation for spillage without a caution sign! We all look at the lady whos browsing the shop with no care, after we grab her attention she asks for a wipe and no apology. I say from the dispensary you will have to pay for that handwash as we cannot sell it now so she agrees. That was the end of that i thought but i was soo wrong. Mr Smith comes in to collect his script to find that this girl is running round the shop knocking things over, when we asked the mother to stop the child she replies ‘she wont listen to me’! Next thing you know Mr Smith throws the child onto a chair repeatedly and yells at her to stop it. Im sure he was hurting her but the child was soo petrified that she didnt even cry! We were all shocked at Mr Smith that surely he cant do that to somebody’s child? We turned to the mother but she just stood there watching, so we stepped in and the mother speaks up and says ‘its ok, she drives me mad and doesnt listen, so i told him to tell her off’!
    We were all gobsmacked as you can imagine!!!

  6. My counter staff do not like tiny hands messing with their shelves. They happily tell little people not to touch and tell parents to stop children touching. Sometimes it’s in the middle of serving said parent (I’m less happy at this point as I think they may not be listening to what is being said!)

  7. I’ve been guilty of giving a naughty kid “the look” in front of the parent while they wrecked the pharmacy I worked in. Would do it again if I needed to!

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