Everybody loves upselling. This involves convincing a customer to buy a larger pack of the item that they wanted as it is generally better value.

Customer love it as they are saving money. Head office and management love it as they are making more money. Do I love it? Not always.

I feel uneasy when the assistant convinces someone to ‘go large’ on codiene containing products. Solpadeine Plus, Sopladeine Max and Nurofen Plus are a few examples. Less is more when it comes to combating codeine addiction.

Don’t get me started on the sleeping liquid, sorry I mean Benylin Chesty Original! Also do you really need 100 Senokot???

I’m not totally against it though. You can save 20% when you buy the bigger pack of Frontline Spot On. Ask instore for details!


3 thoughts on “Upselling

  1. I don’t really mind upsizing if the customer is actually going to use it. Its the link sales I object to. Many are unneccessary and cost the customer when money is already scarce to come by!
    Maybe there is something to be said about the placebo effect though………

  2. I dont mind upselling if it helps the customer.. classic example would be hayfever remedies eye drops with nasal spray etc. But I would ask them first if they didnt want to spend much, but some patients dont mind as long you are sure it will help them. But i do agree there are some unecessary bits of training out there that suggest to healthcare staff that they need to sell a million and one things to treat cold and flu symptoms.

  3. I also dont agree with link sales…i often find that half of the customers come back saying the device didnt work and they want there money back! On the other hand I dont mind upselling to larger pack sizes on medicines that I know are not abused. In my branch I have trained everyone on extensive questioning when repeated requests for codeine containing products are made. We call this team ‘The Codeine Police’!!!

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