Nowadays, if you don’t offer a delivery service then you are losing customers. People expect a delivery service.

It used to be that only housebound patients were eligible for delivery. The rules have changed now. The 100 hour pharmacy down the road started offering it to anyone and now we have to do the same.

Its quite annoying when lazy jobless (but capable of work) people ask for deliveries. They can manage to drive to the shops to pick up cigarettes and alcohol but are unable to pick up their Champix and Campral themselves.

And then you have the ‘demanders’. These people want to know exactly what time the delivery will arrive so they don’t miss any of Jeremy Kyle. Others are perfectly happy for you to push it through the letterbox. They don’t understand that we need a signature. Most things that gets delivered needs a signature these days except takeaways. Ah, I see now why they get confused!

And then you have the urgent deliveries that always seem to be life and death. ‘The surgery are faxing it over’ they say. When the fax arrives, the gaviscon or paracetamol on it makes my BP rise steeply!

Don’t get me wrong. I would do anything to help my patients. I have frequently delivered medicines after work, on foot, even in the snow. Just don’t make me come and let me see your car in the driveway!!!!


8 thoughts on “Deliveries

  1. Deliveries!!!! A great idea for the needy and unwell, a bad idea for the lazy and entitled!!
    My favourite was from an awful and lazy, perfectly able bodied woman who demanded her non emergency meds be delivered every Tuesday morning at 10.00 am on the dot. The reason for this??? She was going out playing Bingo…..that is NOT why pharmacies began delivering. We all just simply pander to the lazy and rude but in the end, they’ll still go elsewhere!!!

  2. Lol it could be someone elses car in the driveway – a carer, a relative?! Its more annoying when the car is in driveway, meds need delivering urgently and then nobody answers the door!!

    I am also sick of patients demanding to have their meds posted through the door and then beginning to complain against us if we don’t. Its very annoying!

  3. You are such a cynic. I love it! Perhaps if patients or customers don’t meet certain criteria you should charge for delivery!

  4. This is so true! It’s shocking really that society has dictated this!
    I love my job, this is mainly because i dont work within a ‘normal’ pharmacy setting. I think it will tale a lot to get me back within that. This is mainly because of the way pharmacy has gone. In some surroundings patient care and pharmacist safety has left the building and its all figures/money have entered!
    Such a shame but unfortunately thats business!

  5. If we don’t do it, someone else will……sadly the shopkeeper mentality spawned by the multiples that forced everyone to join in. My personal gripe about patients not being in when they have been told their delivery is coming (and them complaining about it) had lead to me offering to refund the delivery charge. That often stuns them into silence whist they try to remember how much they’ve paid…..then I remind them it’s a free service and ask them to be in tomorrow.

    1. A very typical “blame the multiples” line. I work for a multiple and in my experience they are the tightest with regards to deliveries as it doesn’t make great business sense to deliver meds that the patient can and will pick up if a delivery service is not offered. Most of our business seems to be poached, in my experience, by independents and internet pharmacies offering deliveries to everyone.

  6. Again I love the freedom that anonymity brings! I am sure thousands of pharmacists agree with you but would have been afraid to state it so eloquently.

    I guess we have to accept deliveries as another of our loss leaders alongside CDS, MAR Charts, free health checks and a host of other non-profitable services that we provide. It has been said several times that GPs, by comparison, do not countenance non-profitable services.

    I am not sure whether as a profession we have an easy solution because we are in a position in which market forces force everyone to behave in a similar way in order to minimize perceived competitive advantages enjoyed by others. As long as we do this amongst ourselves, the rest of the world will just be happy to take advantage of the outcomes.

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