Exciting vacancy at Mr D’s pharmacy

Mr Dispenser’s pharmacy is a forward thinking organisation and is honoured to create a new position in pharmacy: The receptionist

Must be a stubborn, miserable individual and have balls of steel (Not literally. See Dr Christian if literally)


Be able to takes ages in answering the phone.

Be able to handle being the first port of call for the patient

Ability to grill patients as to why they want to see the pharmacist

Telling patients that they wont be able to see the pharmacist until a week on Tuesday.

Not let doctors get through on the phone if they wish to speak to the pharmacist

Will be expected to give pharmaceutical advice with no training provided

Be able to charge for sample bottles

Explain that the pharmacist is busy, even though he is visible drinking a cold cup of tea.

Be able to refer patients to the GP as the pharmacist is busy

Be able to give out confidential information over the phone without checking who the caller is.

Be able to look down on people

Salary: Minimum wage

Closing date: 1st April

Please apply via twitter

2 thoughts on “Exciting vacancy at Mr D’s pharmacy

  1. I want to apply for this job.
    Easy just unplug the phone and give me a desk with a keyboard.
    I can say “the computer says no” until of course someone asks for a sample bottle …

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