What would you do?

Its 9.00pm on a Saturday evening and you are still at work. A patient brings in a prescription for 500g E45 cream and you don’t have the item in stock. You are closed tomorrow.
Do you:
A] Say that you don’t have it in and ask them to try elsewhere
B] Offer to order it in for Monday
C] Ring your competitor across the road and if they have it in, send the patient across
D] Ask patient to ring out of hours doctors to get an alternative prescribed
E] Try [probably in vain] to convince them to buy a small tube of it for over the weekend
F] Other

5 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. I would probably go with advising them of their options of, we can order for Monday and they can buy a small tub to use over weekend or they can try another pharmacy.

  2. try to persuade the patient to use a small tube..normally most patients are happy to do it…some arent. ..

    other- ill ring other pharmacies to see if theyve the full quantity of E45 n send the patient to that pharmacy!

  3. First thing I do is check how long they’ve had Rx. Indication of a) is it urgent b)could be repeat and therefore they may be ok until Monday.
    Then I’d see what pack size I had in shop and offer dispense that as alternative. As previous comment if doesn’t state “pump” you’ll get paid for 4 x 125g or 10 x 50g. Either way if it was urgent (ie baby/adult eczema) then I’d take the hit. Duty of care and all that.

    And talk to patient – often we assume they be annoyed/awkward etc before getting all details and explaining the options. They may well turn round and say, yeah, that’s fine. They may be dropping it in as they were “just Passing”.

  4. It’s not a life and death drug however parient’s condition needs to be considered why they r out and about at 9pm.. Must be urgent if not life and death,may be for an elderly on bed and representative getting it for them who is leaving tomorrow … So , there is a need to asses gravity of situation .. I’d ask re:urgency, if really urgent see if they can wait till tomorrow , if not ring around to the nearest pharmacy even if I have to ring competitor I would, because”patient is my first concern” even something as like this may be life improving/saving for someone..

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