Liar Liar

Patient: Hi, can i have some co-codamol please?

Mr Dispenser: Is it for you or someone else?

Patient: Me

Mr Dispenser: Have you had it before?

Patient: Yes

Mr Dispenser: Recently?

Patient: No

Mr Dispenser: What pain is it for?

Patient: Back pain. Only thing that works

Mr Dispenser: Its only for three days use

Patient: Ok

Mr Dispenser: Are you on any other medication?

Patient: No

Mr Dispenser: That means over the counter, prescribed or herbal?

Patient: No

Mr Dispenser: Dont take any paracetamol with this as it contains paracetamol

Patient: Yeah, i know

Mr Dispenser: Thats £1.49 please

Patient: Oh, while I’m here can i pick up my prescription. I ordered it last week. Got no tablets left….


6 thoughts on “Liar Liar

  1. You asked all the right questions if patient harms themselves by not telling the truth then that’s natural selection.

  2. Yep that’s so true lol! It’s like in hospital when your taking a patients drug history. The patient has brought in maybe 8 different tablets, so you ask them if thats everything they take usually and they reply yes. So you start noting them all down on the drug chart while repeating yourself “are you sure this is all the medication you get from your GP? You don’t have any creams, inhalers, eye drops or patches? They reply no again. You then go and request a transfer of care report from the GP to double check it. Well there is an inhaler on it and a patch. So you go back to the patient and ask them about it and their reply is “oh I forgot about my patch and I don’t use the inhaler much so I didn’t think it mattered” why do patients just lie to you it’s for their health. You should never fully trust what a patient says lol!!

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