If pharmacy was a game show on twitter

Have I got news for you: @pillmanuk hosts and team captains @sarayummymummy and @AdamPlum make fun of the weeks pharmacy news.

Mastermind:@GaryParagpuri does not stop until he has finished. This replaces CPD entries.

Catchphrase: An illegible prescription is presented by @zams123 and pharmacists are asked to say what they see.

@FranDavi99’s Generation game: A 10 item prescription is flashed on screen for 10 seconds and they you have to dispense it correctly.

Blankety Blank: A cruicial detail is missed off a prescription and @NeelmSaini asks pharmacists to guess

Telly Addicts: Staff discuss last nights TV with @mumgonecrazy

Million pound drop: @Anj17 asks the questions. Patients start off with 100 tablets and gamble them by answering questions on their medication. This replaces MURs.

So you think you can dispense: @Clareylang hosts. If you make a near miss, you are fired. Last one standing gets to keep their job.

Masterchef: @SuperTechUk hosts as technicians extemporaneously dispense items with points for colour, taste, texture and efficacy.

University Challenge: @HelenRoot hosts with pharmacists from different universities competing.

Weakest Link: Instead of the pre-reg exam, students are put under pressure to answer questions by @MrDispenser.

Family Fortunes: Two families both on benefits compete. ‘We asked 100 people to name what they tick on the back of their prescription….’ @L1ttlepetal asks the questions

Would I lie to you: @miss_njun asks patients to give medication histories and addicts to tell us why they missed yesterdays collection.

Gladiators: The age old battle of Pharmacists Vs GPs but with lycra. Hoseted by @PatelSuk

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