What would you do part 2?

You are at work and receive your order from your wholesaler. As well as the items that you ordered, there is a box of lyrica 150mg costing £96. There is no invoice to go with it.

1) Do you keep it as you have patients on it?

2) Do you send it back?

I would expect that people’s answers will vary depending on the product.

What would you do?

Have you ever kept a stray product?


5 thoughts on “What would you do part 2?

  1. I’d be tempted to keep. Don’t always check the invoice fully if it’s a huge order so probably miss when they short change us and don’t bother to claim for really cheap stuff missing as the time spent filling in the paperwork is worth more than the missing goods. Probably ends up even over time…..

  2. My response is pretty similar to sarahs. I think it becomes even over time. I’d keep it if I used it. Otherwise send back.

  3. No. It’s stealing. Anyone who says anything else is deluding themselves.

    As for the argument that ‘it probably balances out’ that is no excuse at all. Even if you end up losing more than you gain, that’s your own fault for not checking the invoices. As for the hassle of the paperwork, that’s just life. It’s a transparent process that the wholesaler outlined to you so you cannot complain about that.

    Besides, you cannot steal from a thief. Otherwise you are a thief. Then somebody might steal from you. A customer could feel you wasted their time – you gave a 5 minute wait, then took 10 minutes. This lead to the patient missing their bus and they had to take a more expensive taxi. What if that patient stole something from your shop of equivalent value feeling that you cost them the money to begin with?

    At the very least if a person wants to keep the item they should acknowledge to themselves what they are doing rather than come up with nice words to justify themselves – this way at least they would be psychologically closer to reforming themselves.

    It’s true that we may be in dire straits and this doesn’t encourage the most noble behaviour within us, especially financially, however we should look at the cause of these problems and that is the profession itself and the monkeys that are controlling it. It’s funny how we don’t blame the profession , we simply accept anything they tell us, after which we take it out on everyone else ranging from our staff, to patients, and even wholesalers!

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