Mr Dispenser’s Follow Friday Pharmacy Awards

Best young looking grandma hospital pharmacist: @mumgonecrazy

Best hospital pharmacy baking technician: @Clareylang

Best dressed pharmacist: @sarayummymummy

Best travelling pharmacist: @frandavi99

Best anonymous pharmacist: @pillmanuk

Best fruit sounding pharmacist: @AdamPlum

Best primary care pharmacist: @s9njay

Best ACT: @impure3

Best pharmacy magazine editor: @garyparagpuri

Best pharmacy magazine: ChemistDruggist

Best film directing pharmacist: @i_Q_Balls

Best non-pharmacist manager: @23Becka

Best Independent pharmacist: @patelsuk

Best A Level studying future pharmacist: @_junel_

Best Academic pharmacist: @HelenRoot

Best running pharmacist: @kevfrost

Best former Bradford uni student:@l1ttlepetal

Best pre-reg: @aisha_adnan

Best blogging dispenser: @xsophiaalicex

Best Uni school of pharmacy president: @amyotway

Best oversees pharmacist who works here: @Anj17

Best MUR queen: @zams123

Best Reading pharmacy student: @Sareenuh

Best Manchester pharmacy student: @miss_njun

Best Keee pharmacy student: @lil_rea_rea

Best pharmacy student who used to be a rep: @jainybums

Best newly qualified hospital pharmacist:@laura_jane88

Best singing pharmacist: @cathrynjbrown

Best pharmacy blogger: @redheadedpharm


One thought on “Mr Dispenser’s Follow Friday Pharmacy Awards

  1. Thank you! I have finally received my ‘Best MUR queen’ award! I would like to thank you and thank everyone, and most importantly thank my team too for all their hardwork and efforts etc !

    Sob sob!

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