Gadgets in pharmacy

[Inspired by Stephen Fry]


TV: Very few pharmacies have them. Good for promoting services and key messages. Also lets patients watch Jeremy Kyle whilst waiting for their prescription.


Laptop: Used for methameasure and viewing restriced websites.


Landline: Best way to get stonewalled by a GP receptionist.


Pen: Losing one of these can increase waiting times.


Microwave: Essential for warming up last night left overs.


Smartphone: used for sneaky tweeting whilst the boss is not looking.


Digital camera: passport photos


Desktop computer: Can you imagine typing labels on a typewriter?


Electric Kettle: Most valuable gadget in pharmacy.


Fax: Used for receiving illegal CD prescriptions.


Retractable tape measure: measuring for hoisery


Stapler: Normally empty but invaluable


Calculator: used all the time after qualification.


Bathroom scales: weighing customers before going on Lipotrim and for the weekly staff weigh-in.


Burglar Alarm: keeps addicts out.


Vacuum Cleaner: cleaning up mess left by naughty kids.


Answerphone: We have not got one but some customers insist that they left us on a message on it.


Fan: used for two days of the year when it’s hot at work.


Shredder: Destroying confidential waste.


Scissors: used when dispensing split quantity of Stugeron.


Tablet counting machine: For those who cant operate a triangle



4 thoughts on “Gadgets in pharmacy

  1. EPOS till: was meant to make life simple in ordering what we sold .. but its operation is as good as the operator (!) .. you can make your own judgement on that!

  2. Highlighter – to highlight date on post dated benzodiazepine Rx just handed in to make sure next pharmacy it’s handed in at in 5 minutes time also notice it. Rx handed back to patient with large grin

  3. Re: typewriter – I can remember getting excited when I acquired a typewriter. Was doing 9000 items a month, all hand-written labels and a long stream of additional labels which we had to remember which belonged to which med. Youngsters today don’t know they’re born. Sincerely Grumpy Old Chemist

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