Pharmacy Films Part 1

These are not in any order! This was started by @CandDChris. Special thanks to @pillmanuk for assisting in the compilation.

1] @CPPEGFlavell: Gone with the Windeze

2] @EPSPharmacist: The Rx Files

3] @RSDave: The 39 steps to re-accreditation

4] @RSDave: Debbie does Diazepam

5] @dracox: Apothecary now

6] @RSDave: Senna

7] @josephbush: Mission Impossible V: Procuring Orlistat

8] @Xrayser: Bridge Over The River Kwai garlic

9] @kevfrost: Se7en day scripts for Dosettes

10] @impure3: The Fast and the Furosemide

11] @lil_rea_rea: The Dark Nytol

12] @MCPharmS: Goldeneye Drops

13] @abitina: MUR on the orient express

14] @mrdispenser: Die hard with a Viagra

15] @jasonpeett: ACEi Ventura Pet detective

16] @MCPharmS: Star Wars: Revenge of the Cyst

17] @SowTomorrow: Fargocalciferol

18] @aisha_adnan: Joan of Arcoxia

19] @pill_O_saurus: The Good, The Bad and The Urgotul

20] @ChaChaChandni: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Controlled Drugs

21] @jasonpeett: Star Trek 3: The Search for Stock

22] @jasonpeett: Independents Day

23] @manolo_ko: 28 Days Later (Repeat Prescription)

24] @RSDave: No Flomax for Old Men

25] @tobyhiggins: Kill Pill

26] @mumegonecrazy: Dirty Dispensing

27] @mrdispenser: Ferrous Sulphates Day Off

28] @tonyrob77: Catch Me If You Canesten

29] @EmilyJaneBond82: Twin Peak Flow Meters

30] @katie7h: Avatarginact

31] @mrdispenser: Saving Ryan’s Private Prescription

32] @kevfrost: Dude, where’s my Carbamazepine?

33] @KrishOza: How to lose a Rx in 10 days

34] @EPSPharmacist: American History Rx

35] @mrdispenser: Dial M for MUR

36] @GwavaSalim: Get MURs or die tryin

37] @amyotway: MUR Due Date

38] @tonyrob77: Lord of the Ring Pessaries

39] @PatelSuk: Live and Let Dyazide

40] @NeelmSaini: Home Asilone

41] @ChrisALangley: On the Trusses

42] @CandDChris: The Great Escitalopram

43] @amyotway: Lock, Stock and Two CD cabinets

44] @tonyrob77: Wall-E45

45] @tonyrob77: Escape to Victoza

46] @EPSPharmacist: The Incredible Broken Bulk

47] @googlybear84: Kick Aspirin

48] @kevfrost: The Phenytoin Menace

49] @JonnyB _at_RMP: Sister Actos

50] @s9njay: Good Pill Hunting

Which is your favourite?

Part 2 is coming soon. The response to pharmacy films from twitter was immense!

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