Pharmacy Films part 2

51] @sarayummymummy: Puss in Boots

52] @kevfrost: MHRA Class 1: Total Recall

53] @Cleverestcookie: Four errors and a funeral

54] @googlybear84: Sleepless in Cialis

55] @vento: Lyclear and Present Danger

56] @vento EPS I love you

57] @vento To Kill Amoxil Bird

58] @vento A Hard Day’s Nitrate

59] @ShabnamMirza: Scary Movicol

60] @vento: Dianette Another Day

61] @s9njay: Risedronate of the planet of the Apes

62] @vento: NMS of the State

63] @alkemist1912: Galaxy Questran

64] @vento: Who Framed Roger Rabipur?

65] @alkemist: The Spy who came in with a cold

66] @iPothecary: Dr No (I won’t let you join the CCG)

67] @vento: Ali Baba and The Fortisip Thieves

68] @MrDispenser: Lorenzo’s Oilatum

69] @vento: I Know What You Did Last Sumatriptan

70] @pgimmo: Live and Let Direct Supply

71] @vento: The Maxtrex

72] @kevfrost: On Her Majest’s Prescription Delivery Service

73] @pgimmo: Never Say Teva Again

74] @kevfrost: The Man with The Cold Sores Gum

75] @pill_O_Saurus_: Durogesic Park

76] @ciaraMK: Gladiatorvastatin

77] @impure3: Ace Ventolin: Pet Detective

78] @vento: The Manchurian Candida

79] @ciaraMK: BraveHAART

80] @impure3: Bridget Jones Diazepam

81] @jasonpeet: Harry Potter and the Order from Phoenix

82] @pgimmo: You Only live NICE

83] @ciaraMK: The Devil Wears Pradaxa

84] @dropboy: Never Say Diet

85] @jasonpreett: Mary Pill Poppins

86] @vento: Bugsy Malarone

87] @lil_rea_rea: 2fast 2Fybogel

88] @vento: Bill and Ted’s Ex-Lax Adventure

89] @s9njay: Anusol This

90] @vento: Brokenbulk Mountain

91] @JonnyB_at_RMP: Captain Corelli’s Melonin

92] @MrDispenser: Avengers Asasantin

93] @vento: You’ve got Male (Pattern Baldness)

94] @vento: The Silence of the Lambeth

95] @Eimbot: Napoleon Dyazide

96] @vento: Tamiflu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

97] @kieranrichards: Aliens vs Pred Forte

98] @googlybear84: The Bourne Indometaci

99] @sugarandlife: Paranormal Activase

100] @pgimmo: A View to a Pill

The End

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