Pharmacy has a lot in common with fast food chains.

Here are five reasons:

1) Both have long waiting times. “Why is my burger/Simvastatin taking so long?”

2) Generally you cant see cant see the staff working in the kitchen/dispensary, but you can hear them talking.

3) Both (unfortunately) have drive throughs available.

4) Both run out of products and having no ice-cream/Temazepam brings out different but strong emotions in people.

5) Both have 16 year old clueless Saturday assistants on the counter.

3 thoughts on “McPharmacy

  1. Herheehee
    What a comparison
    Add this to it: both can offer eat in (wait in pharmacy for Rx) or take away ( order rx through phone ) lolx

  2. There was once a respected pharmaceutical journal that had a broad spectrum article about the McDonaldisation of pharmacy – the push to standardise quality so that, just like every Big Mac looks and tastes exactly the same, every dispensed medicine is processed in accordance with the same SOPs.

    Which is fine if you’re happy making and eating Big Macs.

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