What would you do part 3? Guest post by @MrRx

Patient puts in repeat for Durogesic patches 25 – 2 boxes (and other meds)

Comes back in 3 days later with a new Rx asking for them now and also wanting to collect others. New Rx is for MST 30mg 120 tabs.

Check with patient no longer needs patches. Patches not yet handed over to patient as still in CD cubpoard in bag waiting to be handed over.

Dispense MST 30mg.

No other patient on Durogesic patches, ordered specially in.

Why did she put in repeat request if not getting long with them.

ULTIMATE problem – what do you do with Rx. Strictly speaking not handed across to patient. yet specially ordered in.

1) Do you class as not dispensed and tear up Rx, keep and see if ever needed again

2) You ordered in good faith, they were “dispensed” submit Rx for payment, enter out of CD reg and then enter into pt return CD book and destroy immediately


10 thoughts on “What would you do part 3? Guest post by @MrRx

  1. Oooo interesting conundrum. It’s like specials etc you order in specifically and then they are not needed. I would say class as dispensed – enter in cd reg, then destroy immediately

    Tho part of me also says destroy Rx and keep as stock… Hmmmmm not sure. More thinking time needed

  2. Its a no brainer, you ordered in good faith, why take the risk of never dispensing the items in the future? Put Rx through for payment and class stock as patient returned. Or see if you can ship out to another branch and destroy Rx??

  3. I think the only thing you could do would be to destroy the Rx and keep the stock. Legally you should not put through a Rx for anything ordered in and then not dispensed such as specials. I know people do even though local GPhC inspector has made a point of telling us it is fraud as it has not been dispensed but you are even more at risk of reprisals if you chance it with a CD. You can always supply it against a signed order so it is worth seeing if another pharmacy could use it, especially if you are not an independant.

  4. Its a horrible thing. You order in stock and it gets wasted. We are both a provider and a business. A business will go under if it always does things for free. We have a very fine balancing line to tread. Yes there are ways round things, but its that sinking feeling you get when you know that is money down the drain.

    So that you know, we destroyed the Rx and kept the stock.

  5. The thing is if you get a script for generic fentanyl you can dispense durogesic and still recoup your money, also because it’s a cd if you were to claim it from the ppd then you’d also be claiming to have dispensed a cd which is a totally different level of deception….

      1. Sorry I meant it would imply that the cd was handed over to the patient and by destroying it as a patient return also imply it had left the premises

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