CPD: Continual Pain in the Derriere

You can run but you can not hide. Your CPD will get called up eventually. Mine has not been called up yet. I have seen my colleagues and tweeps stress about it. 
The feedback that I have got from them is that they all got over 90% and that you just have to fill in every box to get a good mark. How is this making me a better pharmacist?
While it is here to stay, here are some useful links: 

CPD website: http://www.uptodate.org.uk/home/welcome.shtml
I would prefer a pre-reg style exam with OSCE every five years to ensure that we are keeping up to date.

6 thoughts on “CPD: Continual Pain in the Derriere

  1. Hmmm I agree – I got 68% on mine.


    Cos I hadn’t ticked all the boxes in reflections as there were boxes I hadn’t filled out in other sections. Until that point I was doing well.

    But this is how pharmacy is going in my opinion. Pharmacists are spending more and more time filling out paperwork to justify everything we do. Before long, pharmacist will mean “person who fills out paperwork” and have nothing to do with dispensing or talking to patients. IG an it’s ilk is good to a point but it’s self-feeding and is never ending and will become poisonous (if it’s not already for so). It causes havoc and creates I’ll feeling.

    You will end up charged with more serious offences (and therefore punishments) by not filling out paperwork

    I realise I’ve gone off topic here

  2. Pre-reg style exam every five years ? I don’t think we need any more of those…

    However, I also agree that the amount of paperwork that has increased in pharmacy is just ridiculous.

  3. No way do I want a pre reg style exam or ocse!
    I would hope that a responsible professional would maintain their knowledge and skills to ensure they provide a good service. Just because it is not recorded does not mean it hasn’t been done. But unfortunately we are living in a society where if it is not recorded it did not happen.
    This way of recording CPD is ineffective, pointless and a waste of time. There must surely be a better way!!!

  4. Would you really prefer a pre reg style exam though? I think when the time came and you had to revise the BNF again and spend weeks on end going through past papers, which would interrupt your life drastically you would change your mind. We are not students anymore with 24 hours a day of free time. Working 40-50 hours per week and studying for a prereg exam would destroy your personal life for a month or two.

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