Pharmacy in the Future

Its 2030 and Mr Dispenser is about to retire. He’s chatting to a newly qualified pharmacist.

“Pharmacists these days, you don’t know you’re born. All we had to pass the time during the day was Twitter. We used to have to manage with twice daily deliveries only. Only doctors were able to prescribe. Look at your face! You don’t remember, do you? It was hilarious. We were always saving their asses.

Only rich pharmacies had a robot, not like now. Silly people used to open 100 hour pharmacies. We never had original pack dispensing. We used to have to count tablets and cut strips by hand. By hand! There used to be some nonsense called Category M. That was before the revolution in 2013 when PSNC were overthrown and we negotiated our own contract. You don’t know you’re born”


One thought on “Pharmacy in the Future

  1. Looking forward to the 2013 revolution! Lucky you retiring in 2030, i think ill be still at it as pensions are another uncertainty in the future 🙂

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