What would you do part 4?

You are shopping in Tesco on the weekend and see one of your methadone clients at the pharmacy counter trying to buy co-codamol. You overhear him say that he is not on any other medication.

What would/could you do?

2 thoughts on “What would you do part 4?

  1. I would run to the pharmacist and say I want co-codamol too (though this makes me a bad customer to the pharmacy ;)). Then, I tell him/her that I’m on methadone and demand the reason why I can’t take both. I’ll stare and stare at the client while shouting (well, a bit) only the extreme sides of reason so that the person can hear me. Plus also saying “don’t you think so, eh?”

    I’m only a student so maybe I’m violating privacy here. But surely I’ll do this haha 🙂

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