Je Nes Comprende Pas

Many drugs have unusual names and are hard to pronounce. Every day, we hear strange pronunciations and they always bring a smile to our faces. It’s normally done by patients but also by pharmacy staff and even pharmacists.

The Electronic Medicines Compednium have produced Medcines guides for patients. These also include the correct way to pronounce the drug.

For example, Bendroh-flu-meth-eye-ahzide and Dye-peer-rid-ah-mole.


@Jonesy147: my grandmother used to say ‘co-dominal’ rather than co-codamol

@Clareylang: Codramol,


@SowTomorrow: Try keeping a straight face at an old lady who says “it’s those tablets that sound like ‘Bend Me OverTheFireside’!”

@impure3 I think bendro-whatsit is the most common 🙂


@arleniebeanie: clopiDOGrel!

@jonathanmason: “cloppy dog rell”

@SusieMinney: Cloppy-dog-rel

@mrdispenser Sloppydogrel


@alkemist1912 I’m sure one of my older patients asks for -barry-shit-em-alls

@kevfrost: honourable mention forparacetamoxybendrofruseneomyocin?


@SusieMinney Ibooprofen (from a fellow pharm tech)

@HelenRoot izobuzafen

@pillmanuk eye-boo-pho-fen


@Clareylang: Codramol, Ompazol,

Louise Isobel Henry: Omi prazolly


@googlybear84: Diposlack Ointment (Diprosalic) , Primigone(Piriton) & Calvaline Cream (Calamine)

@PatelSuk: Staff dispense Naftidoodidaties (naftidrofuryl)

@EmmTurner: woman on phone asking if we had something in stock ‘sexisenadine’ (fexofenadine).

@jonathanmason: I had a patient who referred to her “niffy dip ins”

@jonathanmason: my old gran referred to Movelat as move-it gel

@HelenRoot: And the obvious anus-ol

@tonyrob77: also like Cacit pronounced as ‘Kackit’ andFybogel pronounced as ‘Fi-boh-gull’

@darkvignette Once got asked for some Robin Cousins cough medicine (Robitussin)

@tonyrob77 always remember an old lady asking me for ‘Methadone Tonic’ (she meant Metatone of course)

@SowTomorrow Ferocious sulphate.

@Suepharm Had elderly gent asking for Neck. Finally turned out to be Head and Shoulders.

@EmilyJaneBond82 discojesus (distalgesic) and CandyStatton (candesartan) my two favs

@Lauraberrycakes: Lansarope (as in sounds like the placeLansarote) for lansoprazole!

@frandavi99: i-prat-opium

@cathrynjbrown: hali-bori-orange as well 🙂

@mraparmar: I’ve got a pt who’s adamant her blood pressure meds are called “Rap-ri-mil”…I don’t have the heart to tell her she’s wrong.

@arleniebeanie: also had dippymole instead of dipyridamoleonce!

@Mumgonecrazy: flufloxacillin

@Planet_Jackie: One guy asked for his ‘sillyarse’ tablets……he meant Cialis LOL

@MaryP58: slimvastatin – so close. The marketing team missed a trick there.

@pillmanuk: a-rato-va-stan

@alkemist1912: Lactu-loose!!!

Selinahuihoong: Celebrate instead of Celebrex

@Cathrynjbrown: I always enjoy monkeylast 🙂

@Planet_Jackie: An old lady handed me a note, she’d written down her med to be repeated it said ‘Lovethyroxine’

@Clareylang: Parrot (Pariet)

Wendy Finney: carbellomarzipan !

Rebecca Ross: My dispenser called pregabalin ‘preg balling’

@TheCynicalRPh Here’s a story for you. Day shift pharmacist says we have a patient with cocksucky virus. He meant this –

Have a look at this great video:









6 thoughts on “Je Nes Comprende Pas

  1. This blog is funny .. But to find that clip is the icing on the cake!!! @MrDispenser my dispenser calls lamotrigine = lamborghini, tibiolone = toblerone .. “Am-I-triptyline?” ” I don’t know, are you?!” ..

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