Strike It Lucky

I am not happy. Not happy at all. Five years ago, I agreed a deal with Mrs D. I will wash the dishes everyday until retirement and once I retire she will cook meals three times a day.

Now she has changed her mind and said that she will only cook two meals a day when I retire. How can she? I work hard. I do a valuable job. I have spoken to my advisors (mates in pub) and have decided to take domestic action. It is definitely not a strike.

Today, I will not wash any dishes for planned meals. I will if there are urgent stubborns stains but anything else will not be touched.

Of course, I will still be in the house. Refusing to enter my own house would be silly. I refute claims that even having two cooked meals a day is a good deal.

Oh! Just realised that there will be a big pile of dishes for me to wash tomorrow..


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