5ml High Club


A recent comment by @pillmanuk on my Fifty Shades of Dispenser blog got me thinking about office romance. Clearly, it is frowned upon but clearly it happens.


I know of a case of a pharmacist and summer student. Also, there are plenty of pharmacist couples out there. Even addicts seem to find love.


Have you ever used the consultation room for reasons not in the SOP?



4 thoughts on “5ml High Club

  1. I certainly had an addict who used to equate my smile to rising sun and used to invite me to dinner dates
    Ermmmmm never went though

  2. Once a locum had his wife call in apparently upset that her horse had died.
    They went in to the MUR room so he could console her.
    They were in there quite a while, and a lot of consoling went on.
    The staff did have the heart to point out the whole event was on CCTV as there was a camera in there.

  3. An area manager friend of mine once walked through shop right out to stock room to find the supervisor ‘entertaining’ an OTC rep….

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