Pharmacy Fail

I was speaking to a pharmacy student on twitter the other day, who had a exam resit rapidly approaching. I had a resit at university and remember it well. It clearly is a stressful time.


Looking back now, it was nothing to worry about. Nobody is perfect. You can’t be good at everything. In order to try and make the student feel better, I asked pharmacists to tweet about the exams that they failed at university. I had many responses.


The best thing to do is to work as hard as you can and avoid failing. However, we all make mistakes down the line, but if you work hard, you will end up where you deserve to be.


I got 25% in Dosage Form Design at Bradford University and only just passed the resit.


Are you willing to share your pharmacy fail?

2 thoughts on “Pharmacy Fail

  1. I only just found your blog, and felt I had to comment on this post. I only recently graduated, but in my third year of uni, we were met with the most horrendous exam timetable ever. It was one of the most stressful periods of my life.

    Somehow though I managed to pass, save for one exam where I failed at 34%. I was devastated. At the time I felt it was singularly the most horrific failure I had ever had. My confidence was knocked for months and it affected my work going into fourth year.

    I wish now that I had realised it wasn’t a big deal. People fail. There’s no shame in it. In the end, I scraped by in the retake. I got a very respectable 2.1 in my degree and now I am about to enter my pre-registration year.

    Life has it’s moments but it’s important to look at the bigger picture, I am now looking forward to everything that is to come and I hope other students don’t fall into the same hole that I did.

  2. I failed Maths in 1st year, Foundations of Pharmacology, Statistics and Pharmacy Practice 1 in 2nd year and Biopharmacy 4 in 3rd year. I graduated with a Merit grade for my degree!

    Pharmacy Practice 1 was mainly doing extemps like Calamine Lotion and Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops (because I need to do that a lot). When I failed, the resit only required me to redo the written exam. I still don’t know if I can do extemps properly, because I don’t know what I got wrong in the practical exam. Thankfully Calamine Lotion has come pre-packed in bottles for about 40 years so I don’t encounter this problem often. Failing Maths has been more of a hinderance as I do struggle with the copious amounts of trigonometry required to be a pharmacist. As far as I’m concerned, you only need two types of maths in life: Calculator and Envelope. I am a master at the 28 times table though.

    Biopharmacy 4 I was hopeless at. It was all steady state equations with Greek letters and mad squggly lines that had to be learnt off by heart. I still have to sing the alphabet song under my breath to remember which way round P, Q, and R come. Needless to say I had no chance.

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