Keep It Simple Stupid

Sometimes, the more you explain something, the less enticing it becomes.

Me: Hi, Mr Smith. Can I do a MUR on you please?

Mr Smith: You what?

Me: Medicines use review

Mr Smith: What the hell are you on about, boy?!?

Me: Just want a quick chat about your medicines.

Mr Smith: Why, what’s wrong?

Me: Nothing hopefully

Mr Smith: I speak to my GP about my medicines

Me: Yes, I know. I would like to speak to you too about them.

Mr Smith: Are you saying I can’t trust him?

Me: Noooo! I just want to see how you are doing with them.

Mr Smith: Doing fine

Me: I want to see if you know what they are all for.

Mr Smith: You calling me stupid?!?

Me: Um…ah.. No. Its just a quick check to see if you are taking them as prescribed

Mr Smith: I am

Me: It really will just take a few mins….

Mr Smith: I’m parked in the disabled spot so have no time. Bye.

5 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Stupid

  1. Yeah, that’s how it goes some days, haha. Good job trying to get him to talk, though! On a similar note, I had a woman tell me today that we didn’t need to know what drug allergies she had because the doctor had a complete list of them. She seemed confused and angry when I tried to explain why it was important for the pharmacy to know about her drug allergies too. She never did tell me what she was allergic to. *shakes head*

  2. I used to get that too…but now it goes something like this…
    Me: Mr Smith i MUST have a quick chat about your medicines with you, it will only take 5 mins, your prescrition is being made up in the meantime!
    Mr Smith: Ok.

    The End. 😉

  3. this works a treat
    me; the nhs says i have to chat to you bout your meds. make sure you know what their for etc
    patient; my doctor did that last week
    me; i know but i focus more on the medicines while the doctor focuses more on you!!
    patient; oh ok then but it better be quick

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