The Book: Update

Today, I hit 7000 words. It has not been edited yet but I will do that at the end. My aim is 20000 words at least.

People have been so helpful so far. Clearly, not everyone has replied to my pleas for stories but the ones that have, have been wonderful.

Chemist and Druggist and P3 mag have been kind enough to let me mention my book idea online and in print respectively. Hopefully, at least one more magazine will do the same. One magazine that I wont be appearing in (unless I get struck off) is the PJ. They wanted me to take out a paid advert and would not let me stay anonymous.

Twitter, as expected, has been great. I got a mention about the book from someone with 21,000 followers. Yesterday, the same from someone with 7,000 followers.

One way that I am hoping my book will be different from others on the market is by using tweets. These are short, snappy and can be extremely hilarious. If you tweet something funny or spot a funny tweet, give me a nudge.

I am happy to include anonymous anecdotes too.

I will keep you posted


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