Waste Disposal

One of the things that I dread is when a patient appears with two bin bags full of returned medicines. However, I don’t think they understand what they can and cannot return. The following have all been found in carrier bags full of patient returned medication:
(via twitter)

@lauraberrycakes: False teeth







@Mushypea: Underskirt

@AdamPlum: Kaolin poultice

: Incontinence pants

@kelbel69696969: Pharmacy bag stuffed with £15k

@SusieMinney: Wrongly labelled/dispensing error of Concerta

@wyldchild007: Old medication from 1972

@Calorinee: Cat food

@frandavi99: Keyring torch

@darkvignette: A prosthetic breast, packaged in a gift box complete with ribbons

@pharmorto: Stool sample

@mumgonecrazy: Cigarettes and a small safe

@bengalkitti: Old postcards, family photos, pairs of glasses, boxes of buttons and an old watch

@Alansleith: A miniature malt whiskey

For me, it’s a full box of Tamiflu…

What’s the strangest thing you have found returned by a patient?

4 thoughts on “Waste Disposal

  1. Spooky!

    I processed a bag of medication for destruction about 3 years ago at a pharmacy in Devon. Inside was a box dispensed at a pharmacy that I had worked in, in Surrey during 1989. I glanced at the little dispense and checked boxes and sure enough that were was initials! Happy memories!!

  2. I received a bottle of Gentian Violet from 1988 this year…a year older than me!

    Also once got a patient’s scales for dealing weed in a bag of returns.

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