Tips for New Docs

This was a hashtag on twitter the other day.

Darshana Thaker: write directions that actually make sense! And no Suppositories cannot be written as “take Two TDS”!

Paula Bishenden: Hospital Drs, please write the patients address, it does say name & address & include a quantity to dispense

Me: BNF comes out twice a year. There is no reason to keep using one from 2005

@danthedealer: if you issue a Rx with “as directed” on it, please give the patient an idea what that direction is.

@clareylang: don’t squeeze too many drugs on one script, you can use two

@danascu: If I can remember how a CD Rx needs to be written, perhaps you can too

@clareylang: check what strengths/forms cd meds come in before prescribing

Me: Every once in a while, read the prescription before signing

@pillmanuk: just because the Hosp consultant said prescribe that red traffic lighted drug, you don’t have to obey

Me: Sign in the box

@lifeonthepharm: Invest in a diary which shows bank holidays for writing those tricky installment scripts

@clareylang: make sure it is available in the country you’re in before you prescribe it

Me: There is a magical book called the BNF. Open it and use it

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