Tips for New Pharmacists

@JonF: Don’t believe anything an addict tells you.

@mrdispenser: Dont sell two ventolin evohalers for £7

@mrdispenser: Pharmacy is a small world. I probably went to university with someone that you know.

@cathrynjbrown: Mobile phones are a handy tool, but make sure you’re not just texting/tweeting your mates.

@thorrungovind: It’s mandatory to wear a full lab coat, surgical mask and safety glasses whenever you are in the pharmacy.

@thorrungovind: Thou shall not call drugs ‘sweets’.

@thorrungovind: Thou shall not steal pens from drug reps.

@thorrungovind: You must be able to recite the BNF backwards.

@josephbush: Never believe any health story that appears in the Daily Mail. Correction – never believe anything in the Daily Mail.

@laura_anne182: When doing locum/relief work, don’t bother bringing an expensive fancy pen. You will never see it again.

@thorrungovind : A customer WILL come in and ask you to draw the chemical structure of Aspirin

@I_Q_Balls: Start watching X Factor, Big Brother & any other garbage on television if you want to join in the conversations on Monday morning

@rmoomim1: If there’s a lull in customers on a busy day, go to the loo, even if you only need to go a little bit

@mrdispenser: All staff like fresh cream cakes, especially those on diets.

@david_loughlin: Don’t be afraid to say no. And don’t be afraid of the kettle!

@NavinSewak: If a doctor says ‘trust me I’m a doctor’ be very suspicious!



4 thoughts on “Tips for New Pharmacists

  1. I always fall for the first one…even after being qualified 4 years!
    Some of the others are true and funny.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. – Learn to love newsagent sandwiches; you’ll be eating a lot of them.

    – Get a job with a large multiple or supermarket. Growing up you had 16 years of being spoken to like a child, so you’ve got great experience of their management style already!

    – Calpol cures everything.

    – Read the directions on labels. Imagine the instructions are a law. Could Johnny Cochrane get someone off with breaking that law? If so, it’s too ambiguous. Rephrase and repeat process.

    – You can’t access patients’ medical records. Receptionists can. You can’t speak to the GP. Receptionists can. You can’t sleep at night. Receptionists can.

    – Assume all dental prescriptions are incorrect until proven otherwise. Also applies to controlled drug prescriptions.

    – Five minutes is a crazy amount of time to wait for six prescription items. Patients will usually roll their eyes and say they’ll come back if asked to wait this long.

    – Don’t bother advising patients receiving metronidazole to avoid alcohol. None of them ever drink anyway.

  3. Remember: if a prescription asks for 15 Gaviscon Infant Sachets, dispense a box of 30 doses. This is because the box saying 30 doses actually means 15 dual dose sachets as each sachet is actually 2 sachets and therefore a quantity of 30 on the box is equivalent to 15 on the script. Also, despite the box saying 30 doses, it may only contain 15 doses depending on the weight and age of the patient. So a 30 dose box (written as 15 sachets on the script) might last 15 doses or it might last 30 doses. So to summarise: if the script says 15, dispense a 30 box containing 15 dual sachets which may be either 30 or 15 actual doses. You might think this seems complicated. It isn’t, it’s actually just really stupid.

  4. Never skip breakfast. God knows when you will get lunch. If you work somewhere regularly, make the methadone addicts your friends. You can almost make it a certain you will cross them when you are drunk late at night – trust me- they want you in work the following morning 😉 They are all (almost) my favourite customers, they have an innate ability to make me laugh and realise how funny the world is… really! x

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