#FF: Great Pharmacy Staff

Good pharmacy staff can make the pharmacist’s job so much easier. These are my favourite pharmacy staff on twitter. I have not made the distinction between counter assistants, dispensers, managers, technicians or ACTs. This is because I am lazy. I would love to work with everyone on this list

  1. @impure3
  2. @Clareylang
  3. @cocksparra
  4. @bianca1319
  5. @23Becka
  6. @RalphieAndBert
  7. @lyns84
  8. @joannahadowska
  9. @hedferguson
  10. @dthaker06
  11. @KatieAndLeonard
  12. @americaninmilan
  13. @miss_k_
  14. @Zahel
  15. @kebden
  16. @mandy3232
  17. @TraceyBidwell
  18. @19Zahrah
  19. @NatalieHeslop
  20. @pamelaforsyth
  21. @SuperTechUK
  22. @chineclaire
  23. @wyldchild007
  24. @curlycarly88
  25. @googlybear84
  26. @Dimple_Devi
  27. @bengalkitti
  28. @kelbel69696969
  29. @o0oKatyo0o
  30. @Lolaskates

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