Book Names

Thanks to twitter, my book has a name. I asked and it answered.

These are the great responses that I received:


@Louise_tweets: the dispensary

@AdamPlum: “dispensing the truth from behind the counter”

@Fatema17: ‘Trust me, I’m a pharmacist’ although that could be too similar to a book called ‘trust me I’m a doctor’

@ian_bish: A Tale of Two Mittes?

@Clareylang: Prescriptions for laughter

@pill_saurus: 1) A day in the Life of a Pharmacist 2) The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pharmacists tales@kelbel6969696: the legal drug dealers tales or a pill poppers tales

@Wojciethromycin: “Stories from Behind the Pharmacy Counter” or something about selling one’s soul to retail?

@pillmanuk: a prescription for laughter? The Apothecary’s Tale. How about The Big Book of Pharmacy or the Codex according to Mr Dispenser

@hajja22: Mr Dispenser’s Book

@saj_raz:”I love pharmacy” “pharmacy life”

@Cleverestcookie: Green Beauty


Bronze: @rachy2412: White Coats and Anecdotes

Silver: @kevfrost: Some Pharmacies Do Have ‘Em by Frank Dispenser

Gold: @Helenroot: Pills, Thrills and Spills


I have added Methadone and I am delighted to announce that my book will be called ‘Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills’


4 thoughts on “Book Names

  1. And I’m very excited it won. I ran a sense check with the Pre Reg students today and they loved the name and want to buy a copy!

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