Pharmacy Thrills

You wouldn’t think that there were many thrills in pharmacy….


Thrill of a cuppa

Finding the time to drink a hot cup of tea.


Thrill of Orlistat

A long term ‘manufacturer cant supply’ drug coming back into stock.


Thrill of being cheeky

Buying cakes for staff that are on a diet.

Putting sugar in someone’s Diet Coke can.


Thrill of obscure university legend

@onepintwong: Was told at university that we would very rarely see vet scripts. Today, we got a vet script for 2100 850mg metformin tabs. I kid you not.

@Unicorn__FTW: Wow. I served a captain of a vessel last week. Another thing we were told at university that would practically never happen.


Thrill of the NHS

The best thing about the NHS is using my ETP smart card to get NHS discount at Nandos!


Thrill of lying to management

Darshana Thaker: Playing hide and seek with a boots regional manager because the store manager hasn’t told him she’s booked me.


Thrill of reading mucky books

I did 4 EHC consultations in one day. Too much reading was the cause.



Thrill of asking out a dispenser

Abs: So one of my dispensers came out of the consultation room after supervising an addict with a look of shock on her face! The addict had suggested they go out on a date. He had written her the sweetest love note. I had to have a word with the addict the next day fortunately he was very understanding and apologetic. He does seem to have turned life around though and has a girlfriend now


Thrill of denying people alcohol on Christmas day

@Babir1981: Do I feel bad about telling people that they can’t drink alcohol with metronidazole today (Christmas Day)? Ohhh no… Honest ; )


Thrill of acquiring a pen

@frandavi99: I went to work penless yesterday and came home with a clicky top!”


Thrill of catching a shoplifter

@dropboy: does watching a program on shoplifting count as CPD? I need to catch them before closing time. I feel like Magnum PI


Thrill of saying it to staff (in my head)

Me: If you don’t behave, I will stick my foot so far up your ass; my athlete’s foot will give you oral thrush….

I call some of my staff Team Menopause.


Thrill of talking about patients

I like to play, ‘Guess which patient looks like they could be a serial killer’. I haven’t got one right yet though thankfully.

@PrettyGirlRock: sometimes we play patient snog, marry, and avoid #itsallgood

@googlybear: I like to play “which patient actually has a genuine right to claim free prescriptions”, touchy subject though lol



Thrill of sarcasm

I find it really hard not to be sarcastic sometimes. Have to hold my tongue. Like when patients ask where they need to sign on the back of a script. I can’t help pointing and saying ‘just where it says sign here!’


Thrill of war wounds

I once had two men comparing their triple heart bypass scars in the pharmacy.


Thrill of a dishy doc

Sara: Ok, we have a very yummy Dr at our practice that I call Mr Darcy as he reminds me of him from Bridget Jones Diary! He already knows I have a soft spot for him 😉 & we have a good laugh about it! Anyways the girls in the pharmacy decided to tell him that I call him Mr Darcy in the pharmacy :-/ One day I was in the back of the dispensary & I turn around and there he is standing there in his white Mr Darcy shirt with a big GRIN! He tells me: ” Sara I thought I was more a George Clooney than a Mr Darcy?” my reply was “No Dr, Mr Darcy rocks in my books ;-)” We had a good giggle and a laugh and let me tell you all since then everyone including his practice staff calls him Mr Darcy when I’m around including me! :-)) It certainly puts a nice spin on things.


Thrill of not getting a punch by patients

@weslangley: Ever tried the name game? Try calling a patients name out in the funniest voice you think you can get away with.

@Weslangley: There’s also the word the word or phrase into the consultation. Someone dares you to work a phrase or word into the next convo. My favourite word the phrase into the consultation is “my cats called Elvis”

@alkemist1912: Cheap thrills – miss-pronouncing patients names badly. Making awkward customers wait for ages and ages and ages and when they moan tell them you called their name out 20 minutes ago.

@alkemist1912: Making people who talk loudly and constantly on their phones wait until THEY finish their pointless calls.


Thrill of a bonus at work

@catrionabrodie: One place I worked in paid a masseuse to come in every 6 months to help us all.


Thrill of famous customers and patients with funny names

Unable to name names: (


3 thoughts on “Pharmacy Thrills

  1. How can you forget “Thrill of a Good Sit Down” or “Thrill of Finally Getting to Go to the Toilet”?

    Best thrill though? When you get a 6 page prescription handed in and your heart sinks…before realising 5 pages are just repeat reorder forms! You kind of feel like you’ve actually achieved a minor victory.

  2. I love this!! My pet hate is when a patient hands in a script and I say would you like to wait for this or call back later? …….they reply ‘yes’!!! My response… are you calling back or waiting????? Arrrrgggghhhh lol

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