Nobody Panic


Anybody have a code word or phrase at work to let other staff know that you may have a shoplifter in?


@mrs_commuter: “the windows need cleaning”………


@MykelO: I use “Any black bags in dispensary” Strange but it causes a laugh and works well.


@pharmaste_82: We used to have ‘red book’


@Louise_tweets_: -we’d call ‘Robert’ to the appropriate part of shop. All the staff would flood area, none of which were actually called Robert!


@Cleverestcookie: Reminds me of my father’s in the days of £sd – 2/10 (2 and 10) 2 eyes on 10 fingers!


@dropdboy: we used to have “red pen” until I vaulted over the counter when staff genuinely lost a “red pen”


@Clareylang: well when I worked in community it was code red I mean how obvious is that lol!!


@pillmanuk: GO TO DEFCON 1


@cocksparra: Used to be “pampers” like “is the PAMPERS still on offer?” Now I just say “reprobate” as they don’t know what it means.


@DJ_rai: ‘Does this cost £9.99?’


Aisha Adnan: We used to have only two tills in shop but we would scream” I need help on till number 4 please” and all except pharmacist would come out on shop floor one by one and either keep a Rx in hand,looking for something, other would go pulling stuff forward and pharmacist kept watching CCTV in dispensary..


Simon Butterworth:  No, I just go and stand near the door. Usually does the trick.


@googlybear: Not so much a phrase but a “look”, it kind of says “OMG we have a shoplifter”


Terrah Leigh Taylor: We have a look too. No words, just a crazy look.





5 thoughts on “Nobody Panic

  1. Sometimes, it’s a ‘need a double-check on nine’, or the buzzer under the front counter. Last time one of our co-workers got bad news, we e-mailed the others with message of something like, looks like so and so is upset, can you find a way to get her out of here (without attracting too much attention)?

  2. “Can you fetch me a tube of toothpaste?”

    Was our code. That’s because that was near the area of the shop most likely to get raided.

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