How to hit 400 MURs


This is guidance from one of the multiples on how to achieve that 400 target:


  • Patients on none or more tablets are eligible.



  • Don’t waste time on the 10 item plus ones. Time is money!



  • When taking a prescription off a patient, ask them if they are alright. If they say yes, BOOM! Put it through as an MUR.



  • No time to do them? Let your summer student have a go.



  • MURs on antibiotics are allowed.



  • Do one on your spouse, children, parents, uncles and Great Aunt Mildred who is 98 and only takes Zopiclone.



  • Babies who use Ibuprofen suspension. Targeted MUR…


  • Ask patient if they want a beer in the consultation room. Once they are trapped, lecture them about drinking.



  • Ask patients if they want some sweets in the consultation room. Once trapped, lecture them about not accepting sweets from strangers.




4 thoughts on “How to hit 400 MURs

  1. Please, explain about the MUR which obviously must be a ‘medication use review’ for us druggists across the pond. How is the number 400 collated, and what sort of body evaluates this quota, and is there an online data collection? What about continuing education credits, etc Is this a national requirement or does it vary from different localities, and is it the same all over England, or Wales, Scotland? I think Canada doesn’t have the 400 MUR.. Does one still attend seminars and study cases, or strategize a ‘continuing professional training scheme”?

  2. We don’t have MURs here in Scotland (thankfully), its just an English thing as far as I know. But basically its an English NHS service with pharmacy owners being paid by the NHS for each MUR done. Pharmacy chains obviously want this cash, so they put massive pressure on individual pharmacists by setting targets to be reached. Employers are basically looking for quantity and not quality. Seeing as pharmacies are often understaffed and pharmacists are massively overworked without MURs needing done, the pressure from employers means that pharmacists can’t possibly always find time to properly prepare and carry out a half decent review. Although NHS Scotland doesn’t have this service, we do have other services that fall into the same trap: potentially useful but spoiled by the greed of pharmacy chains. An English pharmacist would be best to explain the actual ins and outs of the MUR system.

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