Pharmacy Staff Night Out


After a long week of dealing with awkward customers, the pharmacy team decided to go out for a meal on Saturday evening. We got there and were told that there would be a 20 minutes wait. Understandably we got mad and vented our anger on the waitress.


We sat down and waited patiently. Ten minutes later, the senior tech shouted that we had been waiting 20 minutes. The waitress looked flustered and said that it was their busy period and they were short staffed. That’s not our problem!


There was another party waiting too. Once they heard our heckles, they joined in. We discussed how the service had gone downhill and how it was quicker in the restaurant down the road loudly so that the waitress could hear.


We were still waiting and a couple came in and got seated straight away. The senior counter assistant got up and complained! The couple had apparently been in before and were calling back. We did not believe a word and gave her a dirty look.


Finally, we got seated. The waitress came to take our order. I was busy talking on the phone and told her to come back for my order. Everybody else ordered.


Once my call was over, I had a look at the menu. I could not believe how expensive some of the items were. There is no way that I can afford this. I made this known to the waitress and then tweeted about it on my new iPhone 5.


They did not have the food that I wanted in stock. They had ran out but would have some in tomorrow. I was not impressed at all. The junior tech stood glaring at the waitress all the time while we were waiting for our food. This speeds things up apparently.


Two of the waitresses were stood around talking about last night’s television while we were waiting for our food. We could not see into the kitchen but could hear laughter. They were obviously not doing anything. How long does it take to slap a bit of food onto a plate!


The food was served. I asked for a word with the chef. He was busy. This annoyed me. The junior counter assistant was not happy with her tomato soup. She only likes Heinz brand. She told them that she would begrudgingly accept it this time but would take her business elsewhere if they did not keep her brand in.


The Chef finally came out. I asked for a word in private. I asked him how to get my Yorkshire puddings to rise. He did not seem impressed.


Oh well. Back to work on Monday to those awkward patients!





6 thoughts on “Pharmacy Staff Night Out

  1. Absolutely brilliant and infuriating at the same time. I want to put a copy on the wall in the waiting area but the philistine customers wouldn’t get it.

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