20 reasons why your prescription is not ready


1] You only handed it in 35 seconds ago.

2] It’s out of stock.

3] It’s manufacturer cant supply.

4] We forgot about it when you handed it in earlier.

5] We don’t like you and so haven’t started labelling it yet.

6] After making us look for it for 20 minutes, it turns out that you haven’t actually ordered it.

7] We lost your repeat slip and haven’t ordered your prescription on your behalf.

8] You ordered it and the surgery have not sent it to us.

9] You ordered it and the surgery have sent it to another pharmacy.

10] We have it but have lost it.

11] Pharmacist has filed it in the wrong box.

12] The fridge broke down and your insulin is quarantined.

13] The wholesalers have sent it to the wrong pharmacy.

14] We forgot to order your medication from the wholesaler.

15] We forgot to send the order.

16] The prescription is still waiting to be signed by the doctor.

17] The prescription is not legally written.

18] We have had a power cut.

19] You may have handed it in at 17.59 on Friday but we shut at the weekend and its now 9.01 on Monday morning.

20] You have turned up to the wrong pharmacy to collect it. You are not our patient.


3 thoughts on “20 reasons why your prescription is not ready

  1. number 21) we have it, its labelled on our computer but hasnt been checked yet and the pharmacist is on lunch.

    22) we have it and it is done, but you are shouting and raising your voice at us so have tp wait till the four people in front of you have theirs handed out first

  2. Everything went so smoothly without the usual fifteen things that go wrong that you have forgotten that you already collected and paid for it. See, there it is in your bag.

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