Awkward Pharmacy Moments


@mrdispenser: When you locum on the weekend and you don’t want your company to find out and you spot your area manager!


@mrdispenser: When you dispense a script for someone that you went to school with and you wait to see whether they acknowledge you or not.


@JoMyatt: I had that on Thursday. I told him he was the year above me and he knew me! Clearly, I’ve not changed in 20 years.


Arlene Caldwell: Even better when it’s a teacher who taught you at school!


@MrHunnybun: Very true, I can never tell if they genuinely don’t remember me or are pretending not to because they have a prescription for 1g of Azithromycin.


@Raman2089: I had a prescription for an old teacher once. I was so tempted to ask him but decided against it!


@alkemist1912: Particularly when their prescription for something like Methadone or maybe for an STD. I’ve had to deal with both situations.


@Alkemist1912: Or that awkward EHC for someone’s wife/partner – and you know that they’re supposed to be home alone!!!


@Andychristo: Ooooh. Been there! Awkward moment, especially as it was for a stat dose of Azithromycin…


@Checkedshoes: EHC with friend of daughter


@Kevfrost: Even more awkward when you present an FP10 and see it’s someone you trained in pharmacy.


@gemmieangel: Or when old geography teacher wants advice about the failure of his ‘privates’ when he has important lady friend to impress!


What are your awkward pharmacy moments?


6 thoughts on “Awkward Pharmacy Moments

  1. when your *family member known to staff* broadcasts she has a dry hoof and its been itching since she swapped her m and s knickers to primark!

  2. Or when you do an EHC for the wife of a friend who then tells u to keep it quiet?! No.1 I’m a professional I wouldn’t no.2 why did you come to the pharmacy you know I work at?!

  3. Many, many. EHC for friends’ daughters and my daughter’s friends. Giving advice about meds in pregnancy when it turns out customer not pregnant. Being menopausal I find it embarrassing to have a hot flush whilst in our overheated consulting room trying to look professional with sweat dripping off my chin.

  4. Trying to avoid too much detail in the consulting department with sharing prescription for anti-scabies medication? I worked with the young man’s father, and I knew there was a lot of chaos due to marital relationships so chalked it up to the kid’s hell-bent attitude. As, it was probably the father that insisted the young man see a doctor and get treated. (“Please, read the package insert thoroughly, and call the pharmacist on duty if there is any question at all.”)

    Meds for communicable diseases are pretty much the only ones that might have stigma attached anymore as there is an element of ‘choice of lifestyle’ associated with the drug.

    There could be an element of vicarious vindictiveness, though, when Ms. Loudmouth Goody-Two-Shoes’ 21-year old child shows up for a prescription that might seem out of character of the content of Mother Mouthpiece.

    I remember overhearing one of my co-workers advising a young woman at the counter about metronidazole and penicillin, asking her if she was on the ‘pill’ and the young woman saying ‘no’ and then the pharmacist telling the young woman she should not drink alcohol and to use an alternate form of birth control if she was on the ‘pill’, going into detail why it was necessary, and finally the young woman admitting that she was using the pill.

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