Giving Feedback


What’s the best way of telling someone that they have made you a poor cup of tea?


Pharmakeus Prime: Ask them for coffee next time.


Abby freeman: You don’t have to tell them just looking at the tea in a hurt horrified way works for me.


David France: Ask them if they don’t like you.


Rachel Newson: Run to the sink with it at arm’s length averting your face which is carrying a look of pure disgust.


checkedshoes: I learned as a locum pretty much to drink tea as it comes. I avoid coffee in shops I do not know in case it is too strong.


@Taj: You have to be blunt! I had a girl serve me cold brown milk when I asked 4 a coffee. I poured it down the sink in front of her.


@Pillmanuk: Spraying it out full forced followed by a retching action usually does the job.


Darshana Thaker: Spilling it down the sink and making a fresh one


Jo McMillan: Offer to give them a lesson?Say to them “you’re a coffee drinker, I take it?”


Cam: Shit tea is a sure fire way of getting on any pharmacist’s shit list.


Laura S Dorrian: Ah, but, given that it is not a statutory right, can we complain about bad tea?


Ronnie Patel: That I like my tea very strong


Natalie Davis: Tell that person straight. Bad tea is a no no!


Shazin Murji: Don’t drink it & go buy one.


Michelle Dyoss: Take a sip, say ugg and stick out your tongue.


Amanda Isles: Spill it and say oops…then make another…just remember if you take sugar avoid keyboards because the keys stop working and then your waiting times will increase.


Si Barass: Just say “it’s nice, but it’s not how my mum makes it”


@cocksparra: “I asked for a cup of tea, fool, you have brought me pond water.”


Aisha Adnan: “Wow!. Did u boil a bar of soap with water in kettle??”


Dinusha Herath: Oh I’m sorry did I ask for a tea? I meant coffee!?


Rachel Smyth: Drop the cup holding onto your throat gasping ‘water…I…need…water..’ before grabbing on to the sides of the dispensary and slowly slipping to the floor.


Helen Root: I’d tell you to make your own next time so I wouldn’t bother!


Tina A Smith: I’m in the let it go cold or quickly nip out and make yourself another group.


@dressage_diva: You MUST have the good tea and good biscuits.


Rachel Newson: I recognise all the tea reactions. I am a bad tea maker!


Cathy Cooke: I solve bad tea by making it for everyone when I’m in, then I get it how I like it!


Abs: Just pretend to be busy and let the tea go cold. Or say ‘you’re a coffee person aren’t you?’


Nirvair Singh Gill: This should not happen if you make tea making an essential part of the interview process.


Jason Peett: THEY MAKE YOU TEA!!Where do you work? Clearly staff have too much time on their hands! Next you’ll be saying you have biscuits too!


One thought on “Giving Feedback

  1. Here in the US, we don’t really complain about the free tea or coffee. If it’s bad, we make our own. If it’s good, we get the secret recipe. Now, if we paid for it, that’s a different story. We’re more apt to get a redo if it’s really bad stuff.

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