The Star Wars Guide to Pharmacy


Pharmacy has a lot in common with Star Wars..


@JonnyB_at_RMP: ever met a Jedi GP receptionist? “These are not the scripts you are looking for”…!


@mrdispenser: GP Yoda: the correct dose it is


@LSD_Locums: Darth Patient: I want you to search it again; I am not leaving without my Rx


@JonnyB_at_RMP: The AAH delivery van is running late again: the fastest hunk o’ junk in the galaxy!


@LSD_Locums: Well, given the fact that Mr Dispenser is already a BMF, he has to be Mace Windu….


@LSD_Locums: GPhC Emperor: you scruffy pharmacists are no match for the power of my epic lawsuit and threat of closure….


@mrdispenser: Jabba the Hut is upset that Orlistat is out of stock


@LSD_Locums: Bowsk the bounty hunter is annoyed because there are still probs with Oilatum….


@mrdispenser: Qui-Gon Jinn the pre-reg tutor is keeping an eye on Anakin the Pre-reg


@mrdispenser: R2-D2 the pharmacy robot has broken down again


@LSD_Locums: C-3PO the area manager has come to chat about missing targets


@mrdispenser: Han Solo the locum is late again….


@LSD_Locums: and he texts his mate Lando about working in his shop one day


@JonnyB_at_RMP: How about the Republic’s latest treatment for osteoporosis, R-chew D-3. I know, that’s terrible.

@LSD_Locums: Would there be an NRT called Chewbacca?


@JonnyB_at_RMP: personally I’m still looking for the ‘small thermal exhaust port’ on the side of Boots head office


@PharmakeusPrime: “you practiced in that dispensary ? You’re braver than I thought!”


@LSD_Locums: “I am NOT a formulary!”


@PharmakeusPrime: “the MPharm Course is what gives a pharmacist their powers. It’s like an energy field that unites us”


@LSD_Locums: we forgot superintendent Leia


@PharmakeusPrime: you have learned much pre-reg. But you are not a pharmacist yet


@LSD_Locums: “if you fire me now, I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”


@LSD_Locums: Luke, I am Big Pharma


@PharmakeusPrime: Luke, I know we booked you for the Hoth branch but we need you to work in the Dagobah branch instead


@LSD_Locums: Pharmacy owner Tarkin to SI Leia: you don’t know how hard I found it, signing over your shares


@PharmakeusPrime: I’m amazed you had the courage to sign off these SOPs yourself


@PharmakeusPrime: So you have a twin sister. If you won’t work for Lloyd’s maybe she will…


@PharmakeusPrime: Evacuation ? At our moment of triumph? Could the Picolax not have waited?


@dressage_diva: Luke, use the force of the spray twice a day


@LSD_Locums: I’ve just made a 3 for 2 deal that will keep the Empire out of here forever…


@PharmakeusPrime: I used to bullseye 25ml bottles into a T6 carton back home.


@JohnnyB_at_RMP: I heard medicines optimisation was just a ‘hokey religion’



2 thoughts on “The Star Wars Guide to Pharmacy

  1. As a massive Star Wars fan I must say the similarities to pharmacy are astounding! For example my summer student who is now a pharmacist said to me “When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master.” Kids these days!

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