The Show Must Go On!

There are ten things that are designed to stop the workflow in a Pharmacy:

1] Babies: I love babies. I used to be one. But they hate work. They must do.

2] Former staff coming to visit: Catching up with those who have left slows us down. We never spoke to them while they were here. That’s why they left.

3] Former staff coming to visit who have had babies: See points one and two and then double them.

4] Twitter: It stops me working. I’ll explain more once I check the prescription that’s waiting..

5] Patients: Yes, I know we need them but things would happen quicker if they did not interrupt us and ask when the next bus into town is coming.

6] The weekend: Monday morning should be renamed ‘Spending the whole morning talking about what happened on the weekend’. No work gets done.

7] Area managers: Everybody works slower as they walk on egg shells and hope they don’t get asked a question about targets.

8] Love life: Once we have explored the reasons why the counter assistant got dumped by the milkman, then work can commence.

9] Tea: This is a vital part of the workplace but when you have 6 cups a day and 6 staff then it takes one poor individual 30 minutes of the day to make it.

10] Reality TV: OMG, why did Gary Barlow vote off the lady who made that cake from Strictly? I think I have got that right.


One thought on “The Show Must Go On!

  1. That ’bout sums it up. We’ve become so inured against the third-party interference, that most of us if possible just put them on speakerphone and curse them from afar. (Joshin’ ya ’bout that, but here in US, details for therapeutic alternatives for physician-prescribing used to based on pharmacist input, but now it’s more a matter of monetary decisions and moe often than not based on a phone call with a Humana-trained yak herder at a tiny village in outer Inner Mongolia with a dish satellite who speaks Mongolian and English American with the help of small dictionary; “The insurance will only cover a prescription for furosemide for micturation elimination and digitoxin for palpitations”.

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