The life of a pharmacy student: Guest Post by @SophieKhatib1


Not surprisingly, my drug of choice as a student is caffeine – and I drink coffee almost continuously throughout the day, well, interspersed with diet coke of course!  The majority of my days therefore start with a coffee in hand….nothing to do with a constant hangover of course!!

Once fully woken up, well as much as can be expected for a student, I grab my notes, books, laptop, prescription folder, journals and of course my trusty BNF (the one with the cover that most matches my outfit, of course!).

Lectures flit from x-ray diffraction to legal issues, ethical problem solving to dispensing, drug formulation to clinical pharmacy and genetic biomarkers to drug biochemistry.  Way too much for my brain to handle – more coffee and plenty note taking….in that order.

After a full day of lectures, it’s time to walk home.  Normally in the rain – we are in England after all.  My priorities have massively changed in the last couple of years – I would rather keep my folder of work dry than my hair.  How did I end up in this position??  University is changing me!!!

The best bit of being a pharmacy student is the huge subject diversity we experience and the great wealth of knowledge we pick up on the way.  Having said that, it’s very hard work.  VERY hard work.  I never expected it to be easy but admittedly, never thought it would be quite so intense.  It’ll all be worth it when I graduate and buy myself that gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos!!

The bit of my education that I most enjoy (apart from going out!!) is having time to do research in my own time.  It’s really enjoyable looking into something that you found particularly interesting.  It’s very rewarding when you realise that you have hit the point where you can print out a journal article on a pharmaceutical subject and actually understand it….well most of it.  You can’t have it all can you – I’m happy with understanding most of it for the time being.  There is only so much that coffee can do – I don’t think its good enough to perk my brain up that much.  It’s a miracle that it manages to do what it does.  I’d be stuck without it!!

Time to go and put the kettle on again….


2 thoughts on “The life of a pharmacy student: Guest Post by @SophieKhatib1

  1. The other aspect of pharmacy is planning sleep time around which major exam one has to memorize material. I have found as a methodically slow learner, that attempting to learn the concepts back and forth, inside and out, that studying with a friend (after initially acquiring the knowledge from both reading, lecture, and then labs), is like a further ‘rehearsal’ and that if all else fails, in attempting to understand something complex, there’s nothing like falling asleep with the book under the pillow for allowing the brain to sort it all out while the body rests.

  2. When I was a student, I found giant mind maps helped. They started off small but then you see a link with another topic from a different module they got bigger and bigger, but thank goodness I get it now!
    Revision was stressful I even tried recording my notes and playing them while I slept. I can’t say if it worked though!
    Like your choice of Shoes, I bought a radley handbag.

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