My Worst Pharmacy Fear


@mrdispenser: Running out of tea bags


@mrdispenser: Losing my pen


@mrdispenser: Doctors with good handwriting. It would mean that I would have to stop guessing


@studentpharmacy: Not reading patient titles correctly and getting the sex of the patient wrong! #cringe


@MikeHewitson1: When you’re not sure if a female customer is pregnant, or in need of a public health intervention…


@JV_Roberts: Clumsy dispenser spilling Methadone mixture! [See my spills blog]


@cirrusblue2002: Spider in dispensary. Dispensary staff presume incorrectly that token male pharmacist can deal with this.


@MrDispenser: The pharmacy robots becoming self-aware and taking over…


@MrDispenser: Your former pre-reg opening a pharmacy across the road from you


@Pharm_Thoughts: Having 10 people waiting in line with only 2 minutes until closing.


@abitina: Finding a script after having a barney with the receptionist and insisting they do a reprint


@abitina: Locuming in a place where they suck at making tea..


@danascu: Being caught singing along to the telephone hold music


@DonnaMcCormack1: Being here until I’m 70!


@MrDispenser: Answering the phone in the afternoon by saying ‘Good morning’


@studentpharmacy: Measuring patients for compression stockings who have smelly feet!


@MrDispenser: Being asked to fit a Truss


@MrDispenser: Having to walk to N floor of Richmond building at Bradford Uni


@MrDispenser: Being late to one of Henry Chrystens lectures


@MrDispenser: The shutter being half down and me forgetting #ouch


@MrDispenser: A big prescription one minute to closing time


@Aron2092: Forgetting your labcoat and safety spectacles for a lab practical or professional practice practical


@eilistobin: This lecture will never end. I am hungry


@MrDispenser: Hard to pronounce patient name and there being no one else available for me to palm it off to!


@aptaim: Locuming in a store without 3G connectivity…


@MrDispenser: Not getting any biscuits or chocolates from patients at Christmas


@nidatariq_: Forgetting my BNF or MEP for professional practice


@dressage_diva: Losing the pill cutter and a pt waiting for 56 tabs to be cut into quarters


@MrDispenser: Running out of paracetamol


@MrDispenser: Working with 5 menopausal staff


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