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Pharmacy Podcast Interview


Pharmacy guide to enjoying Twitter and maintaining your professional integrity. Also not getting struck off/fired [Not legally binding]

1] Don’t put where you work in your bio or talk about your company

Unless you are tweeting in an official capacity, we don’t need to know where you work and neither does your company. Also mentioning your company in your tweets is a no no.

2] Don’t use your full name

People on Twitter are still strangers. Crazy people tweet too.

3] Turn off GPS tagging

Letting us know the street where you are tweeting from may end in tears.

4] Don’t slag off your boss or follow them

People generally don’t like their boss. Bosses are not there to be liked. If you are not happy with them, go read a book [mine] and come back when you have calmed down. Following them on twitter is asking for trouble, but you never know if they’re following you!

5] Don’t slag off your co-workers

See last rule and change some words around.

6] Don’t use patient names or make any references that could identify a person/patient

You may want to discuss what happened during your day, either to unwind, share with or educate others but keep it anonymous.

7] Do have a bio and include your job title

A funny egg profile picture and no bio is a recipe for no followers. It’s good to know if you are a student, pre-reg, tech etc. and it helps people chose to follow you. Don’t include your qualifications though.

8] Don’t tweet at work

I can’t condone tweeting at work, also some companies and organisations have strict policies on this. Read them. Ignorance is not an excuse.

9] Do tweet at work

If you have a problem and can’t find the answer, consider tweeting it. There are lots of knowledgeable people on Twitter who ignore rule 8.

10] Tweet

No point being on there if you don’t tweet.

11] Join in hashtags

They are fun

12] Don’t just talk about pharmacy

‘Hello, is that the kettle? It’s the pot here..’ Yes, I know I talk a lot about pharmacy but I do have lots of pointless conversations too. It’s fun!

13] Don’t be too serious

Participate in discussions about serious issues in pharmacy, but don’t be uptight. 140 characters doesn’t always capture tone/irony so don’t leap to the wrong conclusions. Mind you, we don’t mind a bit of healthy banter now and again.

14] Don’t ask for followers

It’s really not cool and is likely to result in you being followed by a lot of spam tweeters. You’ll be hit the block button for the next week. If you want followers, just tweet ‘Bieber loves Viagra’

15] Reply to people who tweet you

It’s called manners. I try to reply to the majority of tweets. It’s not always possible though.

Stupid things for sale in Pharmacy

Pharmacists are professionals. We are NOT shopkeepers. We would never sell ridiculous items in the pharmacy……… What is the stupidest thing that you have seen for sale in a pharmacy?
Carley E: JLS condoms

Steve T: Shoelaces, home brew kits and accessories, wool, knitting needles, patterns etc…

Hiba A: A beauty chair with a woman threading women’s eye brows while waiting for their scripts….

Melissa B: Glass angels, made nice tree decorations though

Bianca W: Coffee/tea flask

Genevieve C: China tea sets

Rachel G: Chocolate… I mean come on chocolate!!! There’s your metformin sir & the 5 Mars bars!

Molly-Anne P: Squash? Socks?

Helen R: Brewing kits were always sold in pharmacy in the the days that pharmacists were ‘chemists’ and understood chemistry! Brewing is an arm of chemistry! I remember so much fab stuff being sold in pharmacies. We’re hung up on the ‘clinical pharmacy’ these days and have lost the ‘community’ part that made us a part of it. The crazy stuff got people in our pharmacies and everyone went to the ‘chemist’! I remember as a Saturday girl weighing out and bagging up dried fruit and nuts, labelled with dispensary printed labels!! Shock horror. Loved it.

Sarah P: Eggs! And there was an out-of-hours place that doubled as on off-licence. Two counters.

Joanne ‘O’R: I used to work in pharmacy and at one time we used to sell espadrilles and plastic jelly shoes

Rani R: Slippers and cardigans?

AZ M: Ammunition

Julie G: I did an acquisition about 9 years ago & the stockroom has 1200 Beanie babies inside

Meesha C: Scotch eggs, Witches tights and home tattoo kits.

Thomas V: Individual scrabble pieces

@lifeonthepharm: Copper bracelet for realigning the body’s energy fields.

@andychristo: Don’t know about stupid but oddest thing was fuse wire. Not fuses but actual fuse wire.

@oisinohalmhain: A lot of stuff in Irish retail pharmacies, especially multiples: George Foreman grill, stereo, hat boxes, silverware, chess set

@Theancientartof: Spirits, wine and cigarettes in a Welsh pharmacy in 70’s – it was the only shop in the village!

@Mexican_Badger: Vajazzle. No joke..

@phuriouspharmer : Inflatable kiddy-size dinghy.

@AdamPlum: Mugs, £1 turkey roasting trays, paint rollers, paint brushes

@CodeRedShell: Glow in the dark dog collar and lead.

@himalmakwana: Toy cars. It was the only reason I went into the pharmacy as a kid with my mum.

@Rachairley: cigarettes! I lived in the US!

@Cleverestcookie: Vacuum cleaner

20 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

1] @Genty_Rocks: Just finished my shift at 11pm and am back at 7am.

2] @MrDispenser: You bought 10000 boxes of simvastatin 40mg and then the surgery decided to listen to MHRA guidance for a change.

3] @googlybear84: It’s your turn to open up and you haven’t been given any keys.

4] @MrDispenser: Your superintendent/boss is following you on Twitter.

5] @Cleverestcookie: You took your furosemide at 6pm.

6] @MrDispenser: You forgot to send the order.

7] @shn86: You forgot your WWHAM questions when selling a box of paracetamol

8] @Cleverestcookie: You’ve just woken from a nightmare in which someone was cutting up calendar packs.

9] @shn86: Your locum was a right fittie & you turned up to work looking like a tramp.

10] @MrDispenser: That angry old lady is coming in tomorrow and Vagifem is on quota.

11] @sheeba_x: You left a controlled drug on the checking bench!

12] @Cleverestcookie: Because tomorrow is Monday and you’re excited about working again

13] @Cleverestcookie: You’re locuming at the busy supervised methadone pharmacy where all the clients are related and look similar.

14] @Cleverestcookie: You’re locuming at that pharmacy again with no staff, aggressive customers and poor stock control.

15] @Cleverestcookie: Just remembered that you promised to deliver a prescription on the way home and it’s still on the bench.

16] @EmilyJaneBond82: Too busy making voodoo dolls of the pharma reps that pester you when you’re trying to eat your lunch.

17] @MrDispenser: Stupid PCT pharmacist convinced the GP to stop prescribing me zopiclone.

18] @MrDispenser: That angry old man is coming in the morning and Cialis is on quota.

19] @MrDispenser: You ran out of methadone and so used washing up liquid. Addicts did not notice.

20] @MrDispenser: You haven’t met your weekly MUR target of 100.