20 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

1] @Genty_Rocks: Just finished my shift at 11pm and am back at 7am.

2] @MrDispenser: You bought 10000 boxes of simvastatin 40mg and then the surgery decided to listen to MHRA guidance for a change.

3] @googlybear84: It’s your turn to open up and you haven’t been given any keys.

4] @MrDispenser: Your superintendent/boss is following you on Twitter.

5] @Cleverestcookie: You took your furosemide at 6pm.

6] @MrDispenser: You forgot to send the order.

7] @shn86: You forgot your WWHAM questions when selling a box of paracetamol

8] @Cleverestcookie: You’ve just woken from a nightmare in which someone was cutting up calendar packs.

9] @shn86: Your locum was a right fittie & you turned up to work looking like a tramp.

10] @MrDispenser: That angry old lady is coming in tomorrow and Vagifem is on quota.

11] @sheeba_x: You left a controlled drug on the checking bench!

12] @Cleverestcookie: Because tomorrow is Monday and you’re excited about working again

13] @Cleverestcookie: You’re locuming at the busy supervised methadone pharmacy where all the clients are related and look similar.

14] @Cleverestcookie: You’re locuming at that pharmacy again with no staff, aggressive customers and poor stock control.

15] @Cleverestcookie: Just remembered that you promised to deliver a prescription on the way home and it’s still on the bench.

16] @EmilyJaneBond82: Too busy making voodoo dolls of the pharma reps that pester you when you’re trying to eat your lunch.

17] @MrDispenser: Stupid PCT pharmacist convinced the GP to stop prescribing me zopiclone.

18] @MrDispenser: That angry old man is coming in the morning and Cialis is on quota.

19] @MrDispenser: You ran out of methadone and so used washing up liquid. Addicts did not notice.

20] @MrDispenser: You haven’t met your weekly MUR target of 100.


2 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

  1. Some fab comments but Mr.D we all know you’d never get away with the washing liquid. These patients are super sleuths. They can tell 45ml from 50ml at 200 yards.

  2. Bad pharmacist. Tsk! Tsk!

    The washing up liquid is reminiscent of an incident at the pharmacy where there were several interns in training. Someone was saving a brown glass sucralfate pint stock bottle and left an empty one near the sink after filling it with soapy water to soak.

    Someone officiously saw the bottle, put the lid on it, and put it back on the shelf.

    The intern filling a prescription for liquid sucralfate, correctly shook the bottle, but was quite concerned when filling the 4 ounce prescription bottle and mentioned to the checking pharmacist that they had never realized that some liquid medications actually smelled and looked like detergent, not suspecting that they were indeed filling a script with dish soap.

    There had been problems with sucralfate arriving cold, and the liquid separating, but the problem of suds and aroma indicated that something more was wrong than that.

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