Stupid things for sale in Pharmacy

Pharmacists are professionals. We are NOT shopkeepers. We would never sell ridiculous items in the pharmacy……… What is the stupidest thing that you have seen for sale in a pharmacy?
Carley E: JLS condoms

Steve T: Shoelaces, home brew kits and accessories, wool, knitting needles, patterns etc…

Hiba A: A beauty chair with a woman threading women’s eye brows while waiting for their scripts….

Melissa B: Glass angels, made nice tree decorations though

Bianca W: Coffee/tea flask

Genevieve C: China tea sets

Rachel G: Chocolate… I mean come on chocolate!!! There’s your metformin sir & the 5 Mars bars!

Molly-Anne P: Squash? Socks?

Helen R: Brewing kits were always sold in pharmacy in the the days that pharmacists were ‘chemists’ and understood chemistry! Brewing is an arm of chemistry! I remember so much fab stuff being sold in pharmacies. We’re hung up on the ‘clinical pharmacy’ these days and have lost the ‘community’ part that made us a part of it. The crazy stuff got people in our pharmacies and everyone went to the ‘chemist’! I remember as a Saturday girl weighing out and bagging up dried fruit and nuts, labelled with dispensary printed labels!! Shock horror. Loved it.

Sarah P: Eggs! And there was an out-of-hours place that doubled as on off-licence. Two counters.

Joanne ‘O’R: I used to work in pharmacy and at one time we used to sell espadrilles and plastic jelly shoes

Rani R: Slippers and cardigans?

AZ M: Ammunition

Julie G: I did an acquisition about 9 years ago & the stockroom has 1200 Beanie babies inside

Meesha C: Scotch eggs, Witches tights and home tattoo kits.

Thomas V: Individual scrabble pieces

@lifeonthepharm: Copper bracelet for realigning the body’s energy fields.

@andychristo: Don’t know about stupid but oddest thing was fuse wire. Not fuses but actual fuse wire.

@oisinohalmhain: A lot of stuff in Irish retail pharmacies, especially multiples: George Foreman grill, stereo, hat boxes, silverware, chess set

@Theancientartof: Spirits, wine and cigarettes in a Welsh pharmacy in 70’s – it was the only shop in the village!

@Mexican_Badger: Vajazzle. No joke..

@phuriouspharmer : Inflatable kiddy-size dinghy.

@AdamPlum: Mugs, £1 turkey roasting trays, paint rollers, paint brushes

@CodeRedShell: Glow in the dark dog collar and lead.

@himalmakwana: Toy cars. It was the only reason I went into the pharmacy as a kid with my mum.

@Rachairley: cigarettes! I lived in the US!

@Cleverestcookie: Vacuum cleaner


2 thoughts on “Stupid things for sale in Pharmacy

  1. “Spirits, wine and cigarettes in a Welsh pharmacy in 70′s” – Only through the 70’s? US Pharmacy ‘Emporiums’ may well be still selling all that, depending on the shop. Right next to the nicotine patches and hangover remedies.

    When I was a student, where I worked at did not sell the aforementioned, but we did do photography developing, sold fishing and hunting licenses, and fly-tying and fishing lures, jewelry and watch repair, and baleen carving. We were on the way to the great outdoors in the northland, and sold mosquito dope, bear repellant, and sea sickness pills.

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