I went to meeting on CPD last week.

Here are some of my notes:

• There are 14 marks available if you start from reflection.
• 7 marks for planning.
• 2 marks for reflection. Must have a clear objective
• Turn off optional fields
• Each entry should take about 30mins
• Remove tick from entries you don’t want to submit [Properties]
• Importance: Need 4 written statements. Not just ticks
• Need more than one activity for Planning and action
• Put a tick in the activities box
• Hours don’t matter anymore
• 45 mins spent marking each person
• 2mins/entry
• Only 20 entries [or less] actually marked
• Still need to submit more if qualified longer than 2 years
• Markers are pharmacists, technicians or teachers
• Need 9 entries a year.
• The date of the entries in a set year don’t matter.
• Can back date entries
• Don’t submit blank entries


One thought on “CPD

  1. This is an interesting post from both a professional and an academic standpoint. I ‘googled’ CPD in the UK and found helpful information about this topic. In the USA there are fifty different State Boards of Pharmacy plus whatever is in various USA ‘holdings’.

    Meeting continuing education C.E.requirements differs from state to state. I currently hold licenses in three different states. I had to transfer initial NAPLEX scores (national required exam to practice in USA) from school I graduated to the two different states I practiced after graduation. (I never practiced in the state where I graduated but had to take NAPLEX somewhere.)

    Each state has different pharmacy laws. In order to practice somewhere in the US, I had to pass law in the state I wanted to practice. As I learned law in the state where I graduated, I took that state’s law exam. Then, I applied for reciprocity to states where I worked as a pharmacist. (If I’d worked for US government e.g. military, public health, etc. I would need to be licensed in at least one state.) I had to take law exams in two different states, but NAPLEX score transferred. One state required us to read law and attend a lecture in the state capitol city. Another required a passing score on a two hour exam held in that state’s capitol. (If I had passed the license exam with a certain scored in the state where I worked as an intern, I could’ve licensed there as well, but I missed the registered pharmacist required score by one point. That state had the most liberal laws in some regard of all the exams I took.)

    In order to meet part of annual requirements to maintain active licensure I am required to provide C.E. records, which differ for each state. In one state, I need 12 C.E. units each year. In another, I need 30 C.E. each two years. I also have to maintain a criminal-free record, as well as not commit fraud, and avoid prosecution for being sued for negligence.

    Recently (within last five years) the second pharmacy school where I obtained a doctorate, and in location where I live/work presented programs on CPD based on the UK model, to more effectively focus career goals, and interest. So far, evaluating a CPD folder is not required to maintain licensure, however, I use a CPD record to note progress in learning new skills, and provide incentive to continue learning.

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