Horsemeat and Pharmacy

Does the horsemeat scandal have implications for pharmacy? Probably not.

@PatelSuk: Made up that people are starting to support their local independent butchers. So important to use local businesses to allow town to thrive.

I totally agree with this. Support your local independent business.

@Xrayser: Need to release story horse meat found in drugs ordered off Internet – then we get benefit seen by local butchers!

@RMPRichie: I like this idea of planting a story like this *evil laugh*

In the same way that people were not aware of the contents of their food, buying drugs off the internet is probably worse. You don’t know what you are getting.

Latest research has found that Targeted MURs have been found to contain 50% horse meat.

@JemimaMcC: As opposed to a load of Bull ?

Breaking News: Multiples found to have dispensed horse extract to menopausal women

@pillmanuk: Surely that would be taking the piss (equine)

Finally, I can’t help but wonder if the decrease in stickiness of dispensing labels is related to the increase in horsemeat found in food..


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