How to Annoy Your Pharmacist

People who work in pharmacy sure do get annoyed easily!

1] @ApothecaryTales: Tell me it’s cheaper at Walmart

2] @kung_fu_pandya: Buy a 20 deck of cigs and then come to get some paracetamol tabs on the minor ailments scheme for free

‏3] @J_Al_S: Ask about animal medicines.

‏4] @sam4715: It’s on the repeat so it must be on the prescription.

5] @theancientartof: Shouting ‘OY LADY! You in there! Where’s my prescription?’

‏6] @phuriouspharmer: When you call out “Mary smith” and a man says “yes, well not literally” cracks me up

7] @LSD_Locum: When they hand a prescription with 20 urgent items 2 minutes before closing

8] @EmmTurner: You: ‘do you take any other medication?’ patient: ‘it’s ok- my wife/husband is a nurse’

9] ‏@ApothecaryTales: Try to return a used bag of pancake mix you bought up front 4 years ago

10] @ApothecaryTales: Joking that you just printed it when someone checks to see if your 50’s a fake.

11] OneMissSharan: “Can I speak to your pharmacist dear?”

12] @shn86: ‘The locum we had yesterday was quicker at checking off & he was fitter too’

13] @ApothecaryTales: Say “wow, it’s so nice outside, sucks you have to work”

‏14] @Cleverestcookie: ‘Can I speak to the pharmacist?’ Looking past you at the older male tech in the background (happened to me)

‏15] @ApothecaryTales: Say you used to work in a pharmacy

‏16] @andychristo: Let your kids run into my dispensary and shout at me when I try and stop them eating the diazepam.

‏17] @andychristo: “Do u take any other medicines?” “No” “What about the carrier bag you’ve just picked up?” “That doesn’t count.”

18] @residentlocum: Ask him if he watched X-Factor/Celebrity Jungle/any other bullshit TV show.

19] ‏@andychristo: “I’ve got the flu!” No you don’t! If you had flu, you wouldn’t be able to walk into the store and tell me!

20] ‏@andychristo: Patient handing back unused meds “Do u know how much these cost?” “It’s OK son, I don’t pay for prescriptions.”

21]‏@andychristo: “Are you taking any other medication?” “It’s OK, I’ve had it before.”

22] @andychristo: “Are you taking any other medication?” “Yes, a white one, two blue ones and another thingy one.”

23] ‏@andychristo: “Are you taking any other medication?” “None of your business…”

24] ‏@Mexican_Badger: Ask “is the usual pharmacist not here?”

25] ‏@residentlocum: Complain cos you have to wait 20 mins because the pharmacist is on a lunch break.Why do they need to eat anyway?

26] @andychristo: Ask me: “did you not get into medical school?”

27] @shn86: When a patient says very loudly ‘I will have you know that I am a Dr, I know what I’m doing’

‏28] @andychristo: Complain to me when I recommend that you need to see your GP.

‏29] @andychristo: Start shouting at my staff

30] @andychristo: Come in with a new script for the same drug you handed 20 boxes of back yesterday.

31] @andychristo: ‘Are you waiting or calling back for this prescription?’ ‘Yes.’

32] @jaysonjaz: Call up and ask for drugs by their street names

33] @theancientartof: Kick off as Rx not delivered a) we haven’t got your Rx b) you’ve never used our dispensing services before

34] @theancientartof: ‘I’ve come to pick up my Rx’ ‘What name is it?’ ‘ Jane’ Of course we always file Rx by first names.

35] @rmoomin1: Hand in a script with unidentifiable stains on it
36] @MrDispenser: Pay for your prescription using 1p and 2p’s

37] @residentlocum: Don’t introduce yourself or ask their name. Just demand murs and nms

‏ 38] @MrDispenser: Say, ‘I have been waiting 45 mins for the doctors but I refuse to wait 10 mins for my prescription’

‏39] @MrDispenser: Throw a tube of smarties at them and say, ‘Count this’

40] @rmoomin1: ‘I’ve got a taxi waiting outside’ or the hospital version ‘there’s an ambulance already booked’

3 thoughts on “How to Annoy Your Pharmacist

  1. Or, the call at the midnight pharmacy… ‘I’m starting a job next week, how long does it take for marijuana to pass out of your system?’, or, the reply when dispensing metronidazole with an admonition to avoid alcohol-containing foods… ‘can I start this on Monday?’, or, the old, gimlet-eyed female version of a geezer, ‘girlie, are there any refills on my pessary?’ or, whiney brat-faced 5-7-year old punk that looks at you and says loudly to his mum something personally obnoxious, (in my case, something about my small mouth looking like a rat’s face), or, ‘where did you graduate pharmacy school?’ It’s not always the patients that make the irritating remarks, though. Sometimes as a fill-in for the day, it’s the techs that can be little devils with remarks, like ‘give that customer a coupon for waiting so long on their script’ as their eyes glare at the pharmacist, or “Harry, the pharmacist that works here all the time never checks driver’s licenses, or let’s us talk to the doctor ‘or ‘which company are you with, at least you talk with the customers, the other pharmacist was a lazy bugger, and sat on the stool all day’. (Geez thanks, things are going rougher than they need to be and I’m playing your game, but what game does the pharmacist that works here all the time play?)

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