Pharmacy Staff Night Out 2

After our first Staff Night Out,
we decided to try again but order a takeaway this time and go back to my house and watch a DVD. I was looking forward to relaxing after another day with difficult patients.

I had not ordered before I got to the takeaway. I went in and said that it was quiet. There was a chorus of groans from the staff because I said the Q word! I asked if it would be long because I had a taxi waiting.

I leant on the counter and did not step away the whole time. I was asked to have a seat but I ignored them. One of the dispensers wanted to go large on her burger meal but wanted diet coke as she had a Weight Watchers meeting the next day.

A guy came in and was very mad. He said that he had just received a delivery and that they had tried to poison him! They had given him chilli sauce instead of tomato sauce. This had happened before and he was going to report them. The assistant looked at the receipt and replied that it was not her that had done it.

As I got my food, I checked it in front of the assistant before I left, to make sure it was right. Luckily for them it was. On my way out, I saw one of the staff clearing the tables and noticed that half the food had been left on one of the tables. What a waste! I was glad that I did not work there.

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